Victorian Floor Tile Restoration In Cardiff

If you’re based in Cardiff and thinking of replacing or covering up your classic Victorian floor, first consider restoring it to its former glory.

Victorian Floor Tile Restoration Cardiff

Heritage tiles are a stunning centrepiece to a home if cleaned and protected to preserve their classic, striking appearance.

Whether you have Victorian or Edwardian tiles, we are able to strip off old adhesives and sealants, remove years of ingrained soling and bring back the natural depth of colour to your floor.

Over 10 years restoring and cleaning period floors in Cardiff

We have been restoring and cleaning Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian tiled floors in Cardiff for over 10 years.

These beautiful floor tiles were treasured by previous generations before trends influenced homeowners to cover them with carpet or laminate flooring.

Thankfully, they have been enjoying a strong resurgence in recent years as more and more people are opting to pull up their cheaper ‘modern’ flooring and restore their period floors.

There are few interior changes that can have such a positive and dramatic impact as a beautifully restored Victorian hallway.

Even if they have been covered up for years and the cheap replacements stuck down with all manner of strong adhesives, we can usually restore them to an exceptionally high standard. Sometimes, it is even possible to repair some damaged areas of your floor if required.

Once we have throughly stripped and cleaned your floor, it will be protected with a high-quality sealant that will enhance the natural colours and create a classic, beautiful finish to your tiles.

How to book your Period floor survey

To book your free Victorian or Edwardian floor survey in Cardiff, simply call us today on 07530 532208.

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