Award Winning Rug Cleaning Cardiff and Throughout South Wales

Based from our very own rug cleaning spa, we provide a multi award-winning, fully insured and 100% guaranteed service for rug cleaning in Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea, The Vale Of Glamorgan, Newport and throughout South Wales.

Rather than offer a regular, inferior in-situ rug cleaning service, we offer a premium service where we collect, clean, dry and return your rugs beautifully clean, for a fair price (and we clean every rug ourselves – we never outsource our rug cleaning to any other companies).



Rug Cleaning Cardiff

We have been professionally trained to the highest standards in this highly specialised service and we’ve learned from some of the best in the business, constantly improving and honing our service.

Quality rugs vary greatly in their construction and so correct rug identification (along with choosing the safest and most effective method of cleaning your rug) is crucial in getting the best possible results and ensuring no damage is caused.

Cardiff Rug Collection & Delivery Service (now picking up and delivering throughout South Wales!)

When you book our rug cleaning service, you really don’t have to lift a finger…

With our convenient rug pick up and drop off service, we’ll arrive at your home at an agreed time and carefully inspect your rug before it’s rolled and packaged, ready for its trip to our rug spa for a well overdue deep clean!

We’ll then expertly clean, dry and care for your rug, before returning it soft, fresh and beautifully clean!

(If you’d prefer to drop your rug in to our rug cleaning spa and see our process in action, please feel free to do so – we’ll even make you a rather nice coffee while you’re with us!)

It is vital when getting your rugs cleaned, that you choose a suitably experienced, trained and qualified company to ensure that your rug is cleaned correctly.

We’ve cleaned thousands of rugs over the last few years, including the restoration of a rug for Laurence Llewellyn Bowen and the BBC, for the popular TV show, Changing Rooms.

Here’s what Laurence Llewellyn Bowen himself thought of our rug cleaning service, via a producer from the BBC:

“I wanted to let you know that Laurence Llewellyn Bowen was amazed at how well the rug had come up with cleaning, and wanted me to tell you what a great job you had done on it.”

We Take The Time and Care to Clean Your Rugs Safely & Thoroughly

There are many possible ways of accidentally damaging rugs and special care needs to be taken prior to the cleaning process.

Indeed, the wrong method of cleaning can damage rug fibres and cause the colours to bleed.

We always carry out a thorough pre-clean inspection and test your rugs to determine the correct cleaning method.

Although it is sometimes possible to carry out the cleaning process in your home, we usually recommended that we arrange to collect your rugs from your home, clean them at our dedictaed rug cleaning spa, before returning them to you at your convenience.

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What Type Of Rugs Do We Clean?

We clean all types and brands of rug; everything from cost-effective, high street shag piles and polypropylene rugs, to wool orientals and valuable Persians.

The price of our rug cleaning service depends on the cleaning method required and the dimensions of your rug.

No matter the type and value of the rug you wish to be cleaned, you’ll get the same great service and your rug will benefit from the same thorough clean and attention to detail.


Our Expert Rug Cleaning Process

Rug cleaning methods may vary slightly, along with the chemicals used during the cleaning process, but what follows is our preferred method of cleaning a quality rug:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

If we are collecting your rug from your home, then the first point of inspection will take place before we even take your rug away to be cleaned.

Firstly, we’ll identify the type of rug and ascertain the best method of cleaning along with measuring and noting the dimensions of your rug. We’ll also check if there is any pre-existing damage to your rug and inspect for urine stains and odour.

The final step before your rug begins its journey to our rug spa is to take a photo and label it before rolling and packing carefully in our van.

Step 2: Advanced Rug Inspection & testing

Before we begin any cleaning process, we once again assess your rug to check there is no structural damage to the actual fibres or fringes.

The dyes are then tested for colorfastness to determine the most suitable cleaning process.

Upon inspection, some rugs may have multiple stains that need individual specialist treatment.

Correctly identifying the cause and type of stain is vital in order to tackle it effectively and minimise the risk of worsening or ‘setting’ the stain.

Step 3: Professional Rug Vacuum

After we’re happy a thorough inspection has taken place, and we’re confident that we’ve covered all eventualities, we place your rug on a grid that separates it from the floor and it’s given a thorough vacuum – multiple times – front and back.

This process alone removes an incredible amount of soil and pet hair, and the volume of debris that is released and deposited under the rug grid still surprises us to this day!

Once we’ve vacuumed until the point that your rug isn’t releasing any more soil and dust, we move onto the dusting process.

Step 4: Rug Dusting & Blowing

We use a powerful, yet gentle, rug dusting machine that we run over the surface of your rug. The machine vibrates and releases an incredible amount of dust, dirt and debris that a vacuum alone cannot touch.

This is vital in order to release the deeply ingrained abrasive soils that cause degradation of the rug fibres.

Once this process is complete, we use a hand tool that blows compressed air across the surface of the rug, literally blowing away any remaining fine dust.

Step 5: Wash Pit Rug Clean

All rugs are assessed for colour fastness and shrinkage before entering our wash pit.

Our bespoke wash pit enables us to submerge and flush your rug in clean water to remove dirt and soil before applying a gentle rug cleaning solution and working it into the fibres – front and back. Depending on the construction of your rug, we may use a machine that will agitate the surface of your rug with specialist rug cleaning brushes.

After this, we continue to flush your rug, using a water wand and roller until the water runs crystal clear and no hint of soiling remains.

Then we get to work on the fringes; using a small brush, we massage the rug cleaning solution into the fringe, detangling as we go – before throughly flushing the fringe and removing excess moisture.

Step 7: Grooming Your Rug

Before drying, we use a grooming brush to correctly set the pile. This helps facilitate the drying process while also markedly improving its appearance.

Step 7: Drying Your Rug

There are many methods of drying a rug.

Our first step is to extract the front and back of your rug using a powerful carpet cleaning extraction machine and wand.

We then attach a water claw that removes most of the remaining moisture, before either hanging your rug carefully in a temperature controlled room with dehumidifiers, or laying on a drying table with turbo dryers and vents.

Step 7: Final Inspection & Treatment

Your rug will be inspected for successful removal of all stains and odours, with particular attention paid to the delicate fringes.

If any stubborn stains remain, they will once again be treated individually for best chance of removal, before further drying time in our drying area.

Step 8: A Little Extra Pampering

Once we’re completely satisfied with the clean, we’ll vacuum one more time to remove any hint of dust that may have settled from the atmosphere.

Your rug is then groomed once again to ensure it’s looking its very best before delivery to you!

Step 9: The Journey Home

Your rug will be wrapped in secure breathable packaging before we call to confirm your pre-agreed delivery date and time is still convenient.

You rug will then be popped into our van ready to be delivered to your door and rolled out in your home for your inspection.

Advanced Rug Treatment, Restoration And Repair

Stain Protection and Moth Treatment: In addition to our thorough rug cleaning process, we offer a high-grade stain protection treatment to prevent future excessive soiling and staining (it also makes your rugs much easier to vacuum effectively).

We also provide a specialist moth treatment that eliminates moths (and their eggs) and we can apply a very effective repellent that will prevent further infestations.

Dye Bleed Correction: There are occasions where the dyes within a rug may bleed and the colours run into the surrounding fibres. This can be caused during a cleaning process due to unstable dyes, and often from a flood or hot spillage. Pet urine can also cause dye bleed in rugs by destabilising the dyes.

We offer an effective dye bleed correction service that can remedy this issue (see images below of a rug dye correction we recently performed – notice how the red has bled into the white edging in the first photo and the successful colour correction in the 2nd photo).



 Fine Rug Colour Restoration

Although beautiful and often expensive pieces of art, Oriental and Persian rugs can be susceptible to sun damage (fading).

We are one of the very few companies in the UK who are able to restore your faded rugs with our bespoke airbrush equipment, saving considerable expense when compared to purchasing a replacement rug of comparative quality.

Indeed, we are now accepting rugs from customers throughout the UK who wish to restore the original colour of their treasured rugs.

Wool and silk rugs are made from fibers that have actually already been dyed prior to being woven into the rug laying on your floor. And providing the re-colouring process is performed by a fully trained and experienced technician, the result is permanent, colorfast and safe – and will restore your rug to its exact original colour.

Our rug re-colouring process can remove stains that would often otherwise be permanent, such as urine and bleach.

Re-Tufting Damaged Rug Fibres: We also offer a re-tufting service for rugs with damaged fibres and ‘bald’ patches’; often caused due to ageing, pets gnawing or scratching away at a rug, or by moths.

This is very much a hands on process that requires plenty of patience and experience (see image below of the repair of a rug referred to us by John Lewis).


Award Winning & Approved Rug Cleaning in Cardiff & Throughout South Wales

We are proud members of the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association (TACCA) and have to meet their strict entry requirements.

Our membership means you can have confidence that you are choosing a rug cleaning company that has industry recognized training and the correct equipment.

In addition to our TACCA trade membership, we are also twice winners of the “Best Business in Town” and were awarded first place in the UK Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning category of the 2015 Local and Loved Awards.

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