Carpet Cleaning Update For 2024

Firstly, happy new year to you all – and we’re certainly starting the New Year off with a cold spell! If you’re a new visitor to the Edwards Jeffery website, here’s where you can find out more about us. After a short break over Christmas, we’re now back at full speed cleaning carpet and upholstery […]

What Is The Connection Between Carpets And Air Quality In The Home?

Many factors contribute to the quality of the air in your home. One often overlooked contributor is the cleanliness of your carpets. While carpets add warmth and comfort to our living spaces, they can also play a significant role in influencing the quality of air that we breathe. And poor air quality can lead to various […]

Carpet Cleaning For Homeowners With Pets

Carpet Maintenance For Pet Owners

How To Maintain Your Carpets In A Home With Pets Treating pet stains and odours is a regular perk task for a professional carpet cleaner! And no matter how conscientious you are about keeping your carpets clean, if you own a pet, you’ll know that the odd accident can appear from nowhere! There are, however, […]

How To Remove Carpet Stains

How To Remove Carpet Stains: A Helpful Guide To Removing Common Stains

How To Remove Common Stains From Your Carpets Theres little more infuriating than an unsightly and stubborn stain that spoils the appearance of an otherwise fresh and clean carpet. Whether it’s a clumsy guest that has spilt a cup of coffee, or you have children and pets that understandably don’t share your pride in your […]

Carpet Cleaning Coronavirus

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine?

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine: Portable Machines Vs Truckmounts While there are all manner of ways to clean a carpet, and an equal number of machines that are used, for the sake of this post we’ll concentrate on the method of hot water extraction (HWE) and the two main two main types of […]

Upholstery Cleaning Swansea

Upholstery Cleaning Swansea: Professional Sofa Cleaning In Swansea Welcome to Edwards Jeffery Upholstery Cleaning Swansea – we’re proud to provided award-winning upholstery and carpet cleaning in Swansea for over 10 years! Regular professional upholstery cleaning prolongs the life of your sofas and furnishings while keeping them beautifully clean. With upholstered furnishings being such an expensive investment, it […]

The Ultimate Guide For Caring For Your Carpets

The Ultimate Guide For Caring For Your Carpets Carpets and flooring are focal points in your home. Clean carpets create a great impression and give a home a fresh and uplifting feel. Grubby carpets have the complete opposite effect, creating a cluttered and unhygienic impression. Whilst all carpets age from the moment they are laid, […]

Carpet Cleaning Bridgend

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY It’s the summer holidays and we’re now right in the middle of one of our busiest periods of the year. And the one thing we see every year around this time is an increased number of bookings that entail correcting the damage caused by rental machines hired by homeowners with […]

Bait-And-Switch Carpet Cleaning

How to avoid the bait-and-switch carpet cleaning scam in South Wales Whilst most carpet and upholstery cleaning companies do their best to provide a high quality service at a fair price, there are some individuals and carpet cleaning franchises that tow the line of the law and employ bait-and-switch tactics on unsuspecting customers. The bait-and-switch […]

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid   Choosing a carpet and upholstery cleaning company should be a pretty straightforward process. Shouldn’t it? Then why do so many people have bad carpet cleaning experiences and horror stories to tell? Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when you’re thinking of hiring a local carpet cleaning […]

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