Travertine Cleaning Cardiff – Clean, Seal, Repair & Polish

We have been restoring travertine floors in Cardiff for over 10 years and have experience in stripping, cleaning, protecting and polishing all types of travertine tiles.

Travertine is a beautiful natural stone that is a striking and durable choice of flooring for your home.

If your travertine floor has deteriorated over the years and you’re faced with dirty grout and deeply ingrained soil, you’ll need a professional travertine restoration company to get your floor back to new.

Professional Travertine Floor Cleaning In Cardiff

Travertine comes in many different forms, and they are sold in a honed or tumbled finish.

Honed travertine tiles have a smoother finish and can be sealed and finished in matt or a polished finish.

One of the charter traits of many travertine tiles are the natural holes and variations in texture . These natural holes do have tendency to expand over time and we’re able to fill these holes effectively if you wish.

Tumbled travertine usually has a greater number of natural holes and can be more difficult to keep clean as long as the honed tiles.

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No matter if you have very dirty honed or tumbled travertine tiles, we are able to restore them to a beautiful condition before sealing them to keep them in great condition after we’ve finished our work.
Travertine floors are usually fitted in heavy traffic areas such as hallways, living areas and kitchens and will lose their original appearance over time if they are not regularly cleaned and protected.

We specialise in bringing travertine tiles back to life, making your flooring a focal point of your home.

Our Travertine Restoration Process

Step 1: We thoroughly vacuum all debris and soiling from your floor.

Step 2: We apply specialist travertine cleaning chemicals apply to a section of the floor and leave to dwell for several minutes.

Step 3: After 5-10 minutes we agitate the tiles and grout with a stone floor rotary machine with attached cleaning brushes

Step 4: The slurry from the tiles and grout is then removed with a wet and dry vacuum. We then repeat steps 3 and 4 until the whole area is stripped and beautifully clean, before cleaning through and neutralising the floor.

Step 5: If there is any pre-existing damage to tiles then we we would take the steps to repair.

Step 6: Once your flooring has thoroughly dried, we will impregnate and seal the tiles and grout.

Step 7: If a polished finish is required, we use our polishing powders to create the desired polished finish.

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