The Only Carpet Stain Remover You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Carpet Stain Remover You’ll Ever Need!


carpet stain remover

It is always wise to have a bottle of professional carpet stain remover to hand in your home…

But, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll no doubt be familiar with my contempt for many of the shop bought stain removal products.

If not, I’ll say it again – DO NOT buy these products. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see the damage these products cause to carpets.

And it’s the same story every time I ask how the damage was caused – a simple spillage, a dash to the shop to grab a bottle of ****** and a splash and splosh later…the carpet has changed colour and the stain is forever set into the pile.

They really should come with a clear WARNING.

Something along the lines of…

“If you really insist on using this product, please be aware that it may change the colour of your carpet, permanently set the stain and, in fact, make it far worse than before you tried to remove the stain. Any damage caused cannot be resolved!”

Of course, the manufacturers of these products would never do such a thing as it would kill their product!

Of all the stains that people try and remove themselves, urine is probably one of the the most frequent.

And urine is possibly the worst type of stain to attempt to remove with cheap, harsh chemicals.

Removing urine stains without a carpet stain remover

Here is a safe and very effective way to remove urine stains that haven’t been “set” into your carpet…

What you need:

  • Plenty of non colorfast towels
  • Cold water
  • White wine vinegar/white wine/white vinegar (not malt) (diluted with water in equal parts)
  • Bicarbonate of soda.
  • Vacuum/Hoover


  • Soak up any urine with a non colorfast towel. Once the carpet feels/looks reasonably dry, use a fresh towel.
  • Soak it in clean, cold water. Wring it out.
  • Place the towel on the stain and blot. DO NOT RUB – this will damage the carpet fibres.
  • After a few minutes of blotting turn the towel over. If there is any colour transfer (yellow from the urine) repeat until there is no transfer at all.
  • Take your white vinegar/white wine vinegar pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the stain. DO NOT SATURATE!
  • Spraying with white wine/white wine vinegar/wine vinegar will eliminate the odour (after the white wine vinegar has evaporated)
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • The carpet will now be damp and slightly darker than the rest of the carpet – Don’t be alarmed!
  • Mix up a paste with water and bicarbonate of soda.
  • APPLY To the carpet with a back of a spoon. Leave at least 4 hours to dry.
  • It won’t look pretty, do not be tempted to cover it: it needs air to dry.
  • Once 100% confident the bicarbonate of soda paste is dry, thoroughly vacuum the carpet.


You should now have completely removed the stain and odour!
I really hope you use this method for removing any urine stains in the future (pets or drunken husband!?) as it really does work brilliantly and is completely safe.
I do, however,  recommend you have a great quality, safe carpet stain remover for quick stain removal that works on a variety of stains…

Edwards Jeffery Professional Carpet Stain Remover

Our customers love our professional stain remover. In fact, we use it ourselves every single day.

It’s fast, effective, safe and works on almost all general household stains. It’s also great value for money.

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The Hardest Stains to Remove from Your Carpet

The Hardest Stains to Remove from Your Carpet

Let’s face it, it’s going to happen at some point.

You’re careful to take care of your carpets and deal with spills as and when they occur, including following a recommended stain removal process, and yet nothing will shift that one particular stubborn stain!

Why is it that some spills and stains can be removed and others just seem impossible to budge?

Here are a couple of stains that are often mentioned as some of the hardest stains to remove from your carpet:

Iron Bru

This Scotttish favourite has topped a list of the most stubborn stains to remove. The Iron Bru recipe includes 32 flavours and additives, one of which is Sunset Yellow Colouring.

A particularly tricky stain to remove and one that you are highly unlikely to be able to remove yourself.

Call a professional.


Never, ever, ever use hot water to clean a blood stain! You will set the stain.

You need to act quickly, but the procedure is simple and effective…

Using a clean, dry towel, blot the stain (don’t scrub or it will spread) to remove as much of the stain as possible.

Then, apply some COLD, clean water to the stain and blot and repeat as necessary until the stain has been removed.

If the stain has set and you are unable to remove it, then a good carpet cleaning company will have the knowledge and products to remove blood stains.

Here’s a picture of a recent blood stain removal we carried out:

The Hardest Stains to Remove from Your Carpet


Common Sense…

As with most stains, the best course of action is to blot not scrub, and if you are tempted to use that old bottle of stain remover you have buried in the cupboard, then please ensure you test it in an inconspicuous area of carpet first!

And any decent carpet cleaning company will help advise you on diy stain removal if you absolutely insist on trying to first remove the stain yourself.