Carpet Cleaning Neath

Get the most thorough upholstery and carpet cleaning service in Neath… or it’s FREE!

Our service goes way beyond just turning up and rattling through your home as quickly as possible in order to fill the diary…

You get a completely free quotation that will detail the exact price you pay, with no hidden extras.

We take the time to complete a thorough carpet audit, including identifying the fibre construction in order to be sure of the best cleaning methods and products to use. The entire process is explained to you so that you are comfortable that the best and safest job will be completed in your home.

For added peace of mind, we are fully insured and regularly update our training qualifications.

We use the best machinery in the industry and do not use inferior equipment like so many part-time operators.

And it shows in our results…

Carpet Cleaning Neath


How to choose a carpet cleaner in Neath…

Many people mistakenly believe that all carpet cleaning companies are the same and that we all achieve similar results…

This is not true.

Results vary greatly depending on the power of the actual machine and quality of products used.

Experience and knowledge of the correct procedures and stain identification is also important. Good knowledge of stain removal not only means that a company has more chance of removing a stain…

It also ensures that the operator doesn’t use chemicals that could cause permanent damage to carpets or upholstery.

Our service comes with a 100% No Quibble Guarantee – If you are not happy that we have been absolutely thorough in our work, we will re-clean for FREE!

Aftercare Service

Our carpet cleaning service doesn’t end once we’ve left your home.

You are given a complimentary brochure with handy tips to keep your carpets in great condition and we offer unlimited FREE stain removal advice over the phone so you can deal with any future spillages immediately and effectively.

Same day free quotation

If you have any reservations about professional carpet cleaning, then please do give us a call today. We will happily discuss any concerns you may have and can provide you with an accurate price in just a couple of minutes.

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