A Lovely Review, But A Timely Reminder Of Why It’s Important To Choose A Carpet Cleaning Company Carefully

We’re always writing about the importance of choosing a professional and conscientious company to clean your home furnishings rather than making a choice based on the lowest price.

So much so, it may seem like we’re just banging our own drum and trying to differentiate ourselves from other companies while charging a higher price.

We’re not.

And granted, there many companies out there who take a great deal of pride in their work and actually care about their customer relationships.

But we recently helped a homeowner who admitted to choosing another company due to receiving a cheaper quotation.

The results were disastrous.  The following review was submitted to an independent website (The Best Of) and describes the damage caused by another carpet cleaning company.

We’re extremely proud of our reputation and level of service and were glad to have helped this customer.

Unfortunately, it all came a little too late to save her carpet and underlay…

I never take the time to do any reviews, but I feel privileged enough to have had this company help my family out and I feel morally bound to relay news of such a high standard company.

Edwards Jeffery Carpet I believe are a genuine family run business. Melissa Edwards is the lady I have been dealing with. Melissa and her team cannot do enough for their customers. For legal reason I am unable to disclose the full circumstance of this scenario, briefly I had a well-known national carpet cleaning service in to freshen up my 14month old carpets, 2 weeks before my wedding.

To sum up the story they emptied a full tank of dirty water into my main living room. No need to mention that they covered up the accident and we are currently taken them to court. I was in total despair with my wedding 2 weeks away I then came across Edwards Jeffery Carpet. I rang Melissa and explained in detail what had happened, she travelled a fair distance to come to my home and gave up her weekend to help us out.

To emphasise the fact that Melissa gave up her time and effort to help us out at such a short notice I must state she had planned to bring her children along with her as child care was not available. This in itself I believe shows that Melissa will go to the end of the earth to help out her customers.

Melissa was on holiday out of the country when I emailed her business to ask for relevant information; Melissa contacted me from Spain to help out. I was not a customer of Edwards Jeffery Carpet at that point in time. Melissa could have told me she was not willing to rectify another company’s problem, but Melissa went above and beyond expectations.

The only carpet cleaning company I will ever entertain from now on will be Edwards Jeffery Carpet Cleaning Services. Their competence, knowledge, skill, attitude and experience is second to none. Edwards Jeffery Carpet Cleaning Services deserve all recognition possible as I truly believe Melissa and her team will go above and beyond helping any individual out.

To read the independent review on The Best Of website, click here.


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