Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


Choosing a carpet and upholstery cleaning company should be a pretty straightforward process.

Shouldn’t it?

Then why do so many people have bad carpet cleaning experiences and horror stories to tell?

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when you’re thinking of hiring a local carpet cleaning company.

Mistake 1:

Choosing a company based on the cheapest quote

Cheap prices – whether they be printed on a webpage or quoted over the phone – are usually misleading.

Firstly, they are often the bait that entices you to call or gets the job booked in over the phone. But once the company gets into your home, you may be told the price is only for a basic clean and be pressurised into a higher priced process that should have been quoted for in the first place.

Secondly, a cheap price usually means the company operates cheap equipment, which means results are compromised and the chance of damage increases significantly.

Mistake 2:

Hiring a company without checking reviews and reputation

Choosing a carpet cleaner without checking historical reviews or doing some basic research is a big mistake.

Many companies promise the world but often fail to deliver.

Do they have a good track record? What equipment do they operate? Are they insured? Do they have any real results they can show you? What will happen if damage accidentally occurs? How will they rectify or deal with it if there’s a problem?

These are just a few basic questions you should know the answers to before letting a company loose on thousands of pounds worth of carpets and furnishings!

Mistake 3:

Choosing a company purely based on their equipment

Although it is true that the right equipment and cleaning chemicals make a big difference to the end result, it is also true that the cleaning technicians must be skilled at operating their machinery and have the knowledge and intelligence to use the correct cleaning and stain removal solutions.

One way to check if a company is competent in cleaning carpets and upholstery, is to check if they are members of the NCCA or other recognised carpet and upholstery cleaning trade association.

A powerful machine cannot always undo the damage caused by a clumsy untrained carpet cleaner, and so it’s important to check they have been fully trained before booking your carpet cleaning appointment.



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