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What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine?

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine: Portable Machines Vs Truckmounts

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine

While there are all manner of ways to clean a carpet, and an equal number of machines that are used, for the sake of this post we’ll concentrate on the method of hot water extraction (HWE) and the two main two main types of machines used by professional carpet cleaning companies for this process: the electric portables and the petrol powered truckmounts.

Electric Portables

These machines have advanced considerably in recent years and can do a very good job at cleaning most carpets.

Providing they are one of the more modern and and expensive models with sufficient PSI and vacuum capabilities, they do a damn good job at tackling the majority of residential carpets (providing they are operated by a trained professional!)

The benefit of an electric portable machine is that they are very adaptable and well suited to cleaning carpets in high rise apartments as they can be transported via a lift to the upper floors of a building.

Although this is good news for apartment owners, they do come with some disadvantages and inconveniences.

Firstly, they require the use of the homeowners electric and an on-site water supply. While this may not seem an issue, in addition to the solution and vacuum pipes that run from the machine, they will also require the trailing of electrical leads to the machine and multiple trips to the water tap to replenish water!

Despite these drawbacks, for a start-up carpet cleaning company, a modern electric portable machine does have the capability of attaining very good cleaning results.

Truckmount Machines

Unlike portable carpet cleaning machines, truckmounts are machines that are fixed into the van of the operator and require just two pipes to run from the system into the home. These machines are usually petrol powered and can complete a job in less than time than a portable machine.

In addition to the convenience factor of using a truckmount, there is also a significant difference in performance.

These machines are able to provide and maintain more heat, which helps to more effectively break down soils, stains, grease and oils.

Not only does this mean better results, but it also means needing to use less chemicals during the cleaning process.

The water pressure (PSI) is also better, which means less moisture its required due to less time cleaning an area of carpet. The consistent high PSI also ensures that any chemical residues are completely removed from the carpet fibres, preventing any sticky soil-attracting residues from being left behind after the cleaning process.

Final thoughts on truckmounts vs portable machines

If you’re able to book a company that uses a truckmount machine, we’d always recommend doing so over a company operating a small electric portable (assuming experience and service levels being equal!)

You’ll benefit from the most powerful cleaning available in the industry today, and the job will likely take less time than if operating electric portable equipment.

We currently operate two Hydramaster Boxxer 423s truckmount machines. For a free quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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