Award-Winning Professional Stone, Wood & Tiled Floor Cleaning Cardiff, Bridgend And Throughout South Wales

We are an award-winning, independent business providing unbeatable stone, tile and hard floor cleaning, restoration and repair in Cardiff, Bridgend, Cowbridge, Gwent and throughout South Wales.

We are professionally trained and experienced in all aspects of hard floor cleaning and restoration, and our work is fully insured and 100% guaranteed.

Our advanced floor cleaning and restoration process can renew even the most heavily soiled and weathered flooring.

Think All Stone Cleaning Companies Are The Same?

At one time, maybe.

But then we came along and decided we were going to leave no stone unturned (pardon the pun…) and travel to learn everything we could about stone and tile restoration.

Whereas some companies choose to take the easy and cheap route, we use the best cleaning and protecting products in the industry, no expense spared.

Our unique, tailored approach sets us apart from general cleaning companies, and also from most carpet cleaners who lack the necessary training and merely dabble in tile cleaning.

When you consider the expense of replacing old and tired stone or real wood flooring, there is incredible value in restoring expensive flooring using a suitably qualified and experienced professional hard floor cleaning company.

The results achieved can be superb and very cost-effective.

Hard Floor Cleaning Cardiff

A wood or natural stone floor that is dull, scratched and lifeless, can be transformed into a timeless, beautifully clean, protected and finished centerpiece of your home.

Natural floors are usually fitted in visible, heavy traffic areas and often lose their beautiful appearance over time if they are not regularly maintained and cared for.

We bring your beautiful flooring back to life, making it a striking focal point of your home.

Our Natural Stone & Hard Floor Cleaning Process

There will always be a variation in the chemicals, equipment and processes we use to tackle a hard floor, but here is a rundown of just one of our advanced processes that we may use to restore your natural stone and hard flooring to its former glory.

Step 1: We thoroughly remove all debris and surface soiling from your floor.

Step 2: Using the appropriate chemicals (depending on your floor type) we would first apply the chemicals to a small area of the floor and leave to dwell for several minutes.

Step 3: Once there has been sufficient dwelling time we agitate the tiles and grout with a rotary machine with attached “monster” brushes or pads.

Step 4: The slurry, dirt and grime is then removed with a wet and dry vacuum. We then repeat steps 3 and 4 until the whole area is stripped and beautifully clean, before neutralising the floor.

Step 5: If there is any pre-existing damage to any of the tiles such as minor stubborn staining or “etching” (a dull area) we would then need to disrupt the surface of the tile with honing powder.

Step 6: We thoroughly rinse the honing powder using water and our wet and dry vacuum to ensure all residue has been removed.

Step 7: Once your flooring has thoroughly dried, we will impregnate and seal the tiles and grout (we use various methods and products to do this – every floor is different and we will discuss options with you beforehand).

Step 8: If a polish is required, we use our polishing powders to create the perfect polished finish with added protection.

Expert restoration and repair of travertine, granite, porcelain, marble, slate, Victorian tiles, terracotta, sandstone, Karndean, ceramic & all other types of hard flooring in South Wales

We regularly attend leading industry training events; always updating our knowledge and methods so that our customers get the best results and service possible.

We have extensive experience cleaning, restoring and repairing travertine, limestone, terracotta, granite, Victorian period tiles, marble, terracotta quarry tiles, natural woods and all other types of solid flooring.

(Here’s a photo of a recent repair of a damaged honed travertine tile)

Natural stone and wood flooring must be cleaned and maintained with care.

Please DO NOT apply cheap shop bought cleaning products, washing up liquids and other such products. These chemicals can remove the natural oils from flooring and make it much more difficult to maintain.

Always seek the advice of a professional when purchasing products to clean your flooring and tiles.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For Hard Floor Cleaning in Cardiff & Throughout South Wales

1. Fully Trained & Insured: We’ve trained and learned from the best in the industry and our hard floor restoration service is fully insured to protect our customers.

2. Long Lasting Deep Clean: We don’t take short cuts and use cheap, shop-bought topical sealants that provide limited protection and potentially cause problems with your stone further down the line.

3. Honest Pricing: A natural stone floor is an expensive investment, but one that should last a lifetime. Our process costs a tiny fraction of the price of replacing your flooring, while bringing them back to new in appearance and condition.

4. Experience: We’re not part-time cleaners who sometimes dabble in stone restoration. We have been carrying out solid floor restoration in South Wales for several years and there aren’t many problems that we haven’t come across.

5. Premium Results: In addition to the photos on this page, you’ll also find plenty of reviews and images of our work around the web. Every one of our jobs is given the same level of care and attention.

Check out our reviews here.

South Wales’ Premier Hard Floor Cleaning Company

We clean, restore and repair flooring for prestigious hotels and local homeowners throughout South Wales and we give the same attention and effort to cleaning a small ceramic kitchen floor as we do a prestigious marble hotel foyer.

For your free quotation for professional hard floor cleaning in Cardiff, Bridgend, The Vale Of Glamorgan and throughout South Wales, call us today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208 

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