Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Swansea: Stone, Travertine, Wood & Tiled Floor Restoration

Welcome to Edwards Jeffery – we’re an award winning, family owned business providing professional hard floor cleaning Swansea and the surrounding valleys.

We are fully trained in all aspects of hard and stone floor cleaning and we’re fully insured and our work is 100% guaranteed.


Quality hard flooring is very expensive, yet provides incredible value when it is correctly maintained – it can literally last for generations.

Restoring and maintaining a beautiful floor saves considerable expense in the long run. And it is often possible to restore your floor to new condition.

Here’s a couple of photos (before and after) of a kitchen travertine floor that we restored in Swansea:

Hard Floor Cleaning Swansea

Natural wood and stone floors are usually fitted in prominent areas of a home. This invariably means they are subjected to heavy traffic and can deteriorate over time if they are not professionally maintained.

Our hard floor cleaning process:

Depending on the exact type of hard flooring in your home, our methods do sometimes differ slightly.

But this is the cleaning process we often use to restore natural stone and hard floors for our customers in Swansea:

Step 1: Using the most suitable chemicals and solutions for your particular flooring, we apply the chemicals to a section of floor and leave to dwell for a few minutes.

Step 2: We then agitate the tiles and grout with a professional rotary machine with brushes.

Step 3: The dirt and grime that has been agitated and drawn out of the tiles is then sucked out with a wet and dry vacuum. This process is repeated until your floor is completely stripped and cleaned.

Step 4: Upon inspection, any previous any damage to the tiles (such as minor stubborn staining or “etching”) would be rectified by disrupting the surface of the tile with a honing powder.

Step 5: After this step, we rinse out the honing powder using clean water and remove it using our wet and dry vacuum.

Step 6: We apply a gentle, protective sealant.

Step 7: If applicable, we use a premium polishing powder to create the desired finish to the tiles (if a polish is not required, we buff the tiles with stone soap to give a nice lustre to the finished tiles).

Fully insured wood, travertine, limestone and Victorian tile cleaning

We have extensive experience in solid floor cleaning and restoration, and we regularly attend the hard floor cleaning industry’s best training courses.

We’ve worked with and transformed limestone, granite, Victorian period tiles, marble, terracotta quarry tiles, natural woods and all other types of solid flooring in Swansea (and our reviews speak for themselves).

If you’d like an estimate or free quotation for our professional hard floor cleaning in Swansea, please do call us today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208 and we’ll be delighted to help.


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