What Makes Us Different To Other Carpet Cleaning Companies in South Wales?

What Makes Us Different To Other Carpet Cleaning Companies in South Wales?

Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Have you ever hired a carpet cleaning company and been left disappointed with the service?

Perhaps everything looked ok after the clean but a couple of days later many stains and spots reappeared?

Or maybe your carpets took forever to dry after the cleaning process and were left with a musty odour?

When you hire us, we guarantee you’ll be happy with our professional service.

If we spot a stain or damage that we believe is permanent, we’ll be honest and tell you before you part with payment.

And if any spots or stains return in the days after the cleaning process, we’ll return to your home and re-clean completely free of charge.

In the current online world it’s more difficult than ever to make a confident decision when hiring a carpet cleaning company.

Everyone declares they’re the “best” in your area and whatever one company says, another will copy.

And many companies will try to pass-off their sub-standard budget equipment as “state of the art high-powered machinery!”

In our company, we utilise the best truckmounted and portable machinery available in the industry.

Currently, we’re running two new Hydramaster 423s truckmounts and two Airflex Storm’s throughout South Wales, so that no matter the situation, we have the right equipment to tackle any job, large or small.

Our process is thorough, safe and effective and leaves your carpets bone dry and odour-free in just a couple of hours.

There’s minimal disruption and from the outset we handle everything for you, including carefully moving furniture where appropriate.

When you hire Edwards Jeffery, you’re not just getting another carpet cleaning company.

You’re getting highly trained technicians and the peace of mind that the job is being carried out using the best machinery in the industry.

You’re getting a transparent price with no unexpected added extras.

But more than this, you’re getting our hard-earned reputation.

And this is far more important to us than a few extra pounds.

Choosing The Right Company To Clean Your Carpets And Furnishings For Christmas

Choosing The Right Company To Clean Your Carpets And Furnishings For Christmas

December is the busiest period for almost all carpet and upholstery cleaning companies.

While some homeowners will live with a soiled carpet through the summer and Autumn months, the festive period means you’ll likely have many more visitors and family dropping by than usual.

So, it’s common sense that most people want to make a great impression by decorating their home and making sure it looks its very best before the last week of December.

But how do you choose the right company to clean your soft furnishings and flooring? (Hint: don’t ever choose on price…) 

First, do your research. 

If you simply work your way through the search engines calling a number of local companies, you’ll get an equal number of different quotes.

Some will be temptingly cheap (perhaps with an unexpected financial sting in the tail).

Others will be just as cheap, but honest.

Many will be middle of the road; a fair service with fair prices and fair results.

And a few will be a little more expensive.

But why?

If you pay more for a carpet and upholstery clean, it is not usually because the company has an inflated sense of their worth, or is greedy…

It’s merely simple economics.

Here’s 2 examples:

If Company A is operating part-time with no insurance, no recognized training and a second hand machine with a decade of age, they significantly minimize their costs and so can keep their charge rates at the bottom of the scale.

But the trade-off for you – the customer – is that the results will be compromised and the risks of things not going to plan will increase.

The (slightly more expensive) alternative is Company B. 

Although Company B’s quote almost certainly won’t be as cheap as Company A, there will be several important reasons for this.

One reason will be the investment in equipment, training and insurance that adds obvious overheads to the cost of running the business.

Attending industry training events and taking the time off work to do so is never cheap, but means that the company acquires far more knowledge than a lazy carpet cleaner who “wings” it day by day.

Investing in and maintaining the best machinery also requires significant funds but ensures you get the best result possible.

And I’m sure I don’t need to point out the value of hiring an insured carpet cleaner versus the risks of letting an uninsured operative into your home!

Yes, in some small way, you’re paying for all this. But you’re also benefiting from peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a quality service, great results and you’ll not be liable for any potential risk.

If you’re looking to book our services before Christmas, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bridgend, Cardiff and throughout South Wales.


How to Maintain Your Hall, Stairs and Landing Carpets

How to Maintain Your Hall, Stairs and Landing Carpets (and keep them looking like new for years to come!)

One of the key benefits of professional carpet cleaning is its ability to remove the deeply ingrained soils that get trapped in carpet fibers.

Sure, vacuuming regularly is important in maintaining the life and appearance of carpets, but there comes a time when even the most conscientious homeowner needs a professional deep carpet cleaning service.

Debris that lies deep in your carpets, will erode the fibers over time and you’ll end up with flat, lifeless areas (especially in high traffic areas).

It’s not just about removing obvious stains and dirt – a good carpet cleaner can significantly prolong the lifespan of your carpets and save you money.

Although you may get away with cleaning your bedrooms every couple of years, we think it’s sensible to maintain the condition of high footfall areas such as your hall, stairs and landing every 6 months.

And your hall and stairs are always the areas that visitors see first – making it even more important to make a great impression!

If you’ve opted for beige or light coloured carpets in your hall and on your stairs, it’s very easy to forget their original colour!

These carpeted areas can really take a beating as they will be walked on more frequently than other carpeted rooms.

This means a greater wear of the carpeting and, over time, a visible traffic pattern.

Due to the heavy soil and potential for damage on hall and stairs carpets, it is important to vacuum these areas more regularly. This will remove enough dry soils in between professional cleaning appointments so they’re not continually ground into the carpeting, causing permanent damage.

But – and this is important – vacuuming is not enough… and neither is dry carpet cleaning.

You should have your hall, stairs and landing professionally cleaned by hot water extraction (it’s the method recommended by carpet manufacturers for a reason!) every six months, and other carpeted rooms every 12 – 24 months.

Professional hot water extraction cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets and keep them hygienic, smelling fresh feeling and looking beautifully clean.





The 5 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

The 5 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

If you’re considering having your carpets professionally cleaned, it’s natural to want to know more about the likely results, the process and any possible risks.

This post aims to address the most common carpet cleaning questions that we hear from potential customers.

1. How long will my carpets take to dry?

common carpet cleaning questions

This depends entirely on the type of equipment used by a company, and the thoroughness of the service. If using Hot Water Extraction (HWE) – sometimes referred to as steam cleaning – your carpets can be completely dry in as quick as an hour or two if the machine is of sufficient power.

But, if you choose to hire a cut-price company using budget equipment, it can take as long as a day or two (which brings the associated risks over over-wetting carpets).

In our case, your carpets will normally be relatively dry when leaving your property due to the powerful suction of our carpet cleaning machine and our use of turbo dryers.

2. Is there a risk of carpet shrinkage?

Again, the risk of shrinkage is usually correlated with poor quality, cheap machinery that isn’t up to the job!

Over-wetting, long drying times, incorrect temperature settings, along with use of inappropriate chemicals, are the hazards associated with using an unqualified, uninsured operator.

Our process is meticulous and our machines suck water and debris at high pressure, minimizing any risks.

3. Are your chemicals safe for my children and pets? 

Yes, we only use the highest standard, industry accredited, safe and proven chemicals which have been tested for their safety and environmental impact.

It costs us a little more, but the results and piece of mind are worth the price.

Although our products are perfectly safe, we do recommend that you keep your little ones and pets ‘busy’ while we are carrying out your clean!

4. What’s the difference between your equipment and a rug doctor?


The easy answer is… several thousand pounds.

But there’s more to it than just the monetary value of the machinery.

We are trained to identify stains and use the appropriate solutions that are not only effective, but safe. Our cleaning machines are also incredibly powerful compared to rental machines and achieve far superior results in far less time.

And your carpets dry much, much, much faster!

5. Do I have to move all my furniture?

No, we even carefully move your furniture before the cleaning begins, and place it back once the process is completed.

The only thing we ask you do, is to remove any small, delicate items beforehand; such as china tableware, small ornaments etc.

The heavy stuff, you can leave to us.



A Lovely Comment From Laurence Llewellyn Bowen On Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Laurence Llewellyn Bowen Amazed At Results Of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

I’m very proud that we provide our upholstery and carpet cleaning services to a number of prestigious businesses throughout South Wales. And when you work as hard as we do, it’s the little things that make it all worthwhile.

Recently, we were asked to professionally clean a large, beautiful vintage rug for a BBC home makeover show hosted by Laurence Llewellyn Bowen.

Naturally, I was was thrilled to receive the call and bolted straight down the M4 to pick up the rug from a countryside property in Gwent.

We went to work testing the rug and choosing the most suitable and effective method of cleaning it so as to get the best results possible. The finished rug looked beautiful and completely transformed – I’m just annoyed I forgot to take before and after photos!

Although the comment we received from Laurence Llewellyn Bowen via the BBC, more than made up for my absent mindedness…

“I wanted to let you know that Laurence Llewellyn Bowen was amazed at how well the rug had come up with cleaning, and wanted me to tell you what a great job you had done on it.”

We carry out our professional rug cleaning in our Porthcawl unit so as to minimize any inconvenience to our customers.

We are also based from Bridgend, Swansea and Cardiff and travel all over South Wales – so there is always a quick and easy way for us to arrange the collection, clean and delivery of your rugs.

We are very careful to test all rugs before cleaning, so minimize any chance of color run or damage. Once your rug is cleaned, it is quickly dried and deodorized before being carefully stored, ready to be collected or returned at your convenience.

We currently provide carpet, upholstery, leather, stone and rug cleaning throughout Wales; right from the Severn bridge, through Cardiff, Bridgend and all the way down to West Wales.

To book an appointment or get a free no-obligation quotation, call us today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208.