Carpet Cleaning Update For 2024

Firstly, happy new year to you all – and we’re certainly starting the New Year off with a cold spell!

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After a short break over Christmas, we’re now back at full speed cleaning carpet and upholstery for our doemstic and commercial customers in South Wales and Bristol.

If you’re unsure about whether we cover your area, here are just some of the locations we service:

Our 2024 carpet & upholstery prices

Every job is unique and so we don’t have prices that are set in stone.

We feel that it is important that you get real value from a carpet and upholstery cleaning service and get a fair price up-front as opposed to a misleading you with a “prices from” approach.

And there are many reasons not to choose a carpet cleaning company on price. The following articles cover pricing considerations:

Avoiding Bait and Switch

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Stain Removal Advice

There are some stains that you may be able to remove yourself and that will not require the services of a professional.

But before you attempt to remove a stain yourself, please read these articles first:

These Common Shop Bought Cleaning Products Can Ruin Your Carpets And Upholstery!

How to remove stains and tackle spillages

How to book an appointment

Whether you’re looking to get a quotation and book an appointment, or you’d like to ask any questions about our services, our contact details are here.

We hope to be of service to you soon.

What Is The Connection Between Carpets And Air Quality In The Home?

Many factors contribute to the quality of the air in your home.

One often overlooked contributor is the cleanliness of your carpets.

While carpets add warmth and comfort to our living spaces, they can also play a significant role in influencing the quality of air that we breathe. And poor air quality can lead to various health issues, including respiratory problems, allergies and general fatigue.

Here are some of the potential negative affects that dirty carpets can have on air quality and how they can be negated.

Allergic symptoms

Carpets are very effective at harbouring allergens.

Dust mites, pet dander and hair can accumulate in carpet fibres over time, particularly in damp environments, contributing to poor air quality.

Professional cleaning can remove these harmful allergens.

Mold and bacteria

Carpets in damp or humid environments can be susceptible to mold and the growth of bacteria.

Mold spores released into the air can lead to respiratory problems and exacerbate any existing respiratory and health conditions.

While professional cleaning is important, it is vital that that the machinery used is of sufficient power to extract excess moisture from your carpets.

Invest in regular professional carpet cleaning

An annual professional carpet clean is important for preventing the buildup of allergens and pathogens.

While it helps to vacuum regularly, only a full hot water extraction clean can remove mold, bacteria and dust mites.

Ensure adequate ventilation

Adequate ventilation is essential to reduce the chance of damp and to reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants.

Ensure good airflow by opening windows and doors and fitting fans in areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Can we help improve the air quality in your home?

While carpets initially serve as effective filters and contribute to a comfortable living environment, they also harbor increasing allergens over time that can potentially release harmful substances.

By implementing a regular cleaning schedule, and ventilating your home, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of fresh carpets without compromising the air quality in your home.

We work throughout South Wales, providing our carpet cleaning services in Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport and The Rhondda.

Contact us today for a free quotation.


Upholstery Cleaning Swansea

Upholstery Cleaning Swansea: Professional Sofa Cleaning In Swansea

Welcome to Edwards Jeffery Upholstery Cleaning Swansea – we’re proud to provided award-winning upholstery and carpet cleaning in Swansea for over 10 years!

Regular professional upholstery cleaning prolongs the life of your sofas and furnishings while keeping them beautifully clean.

With upholstered furnishings being such an expensive investment, it is important that soil particles and deeply ingrained dirt is removed from the fibres to prevent damage.

How to choose an upholstery cleaning company in Swansea

The first step to ensuring you are getting a company that is not only honest but capable of getting results, is asking a few probing questions…

  • What training and qualifications do you have?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • Are you fully insured against accidental damage?
  • Do you have references of past customers I can contact?
  • What machine will you be using?
  • What steps do you take in your cleaning process?
  • Do you have any images and reviews of your work I can refer to online?

And finally, once the company turns up, they shouldn’t be driving a beat up old car, wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt whilst easily carrying a lightweight portable machine under their arms!!!

A professional upholstery cleaning service should include the following:

  • Pre-vacuuming with powerful, professional equipment
  • Pre-spray of upholstery including stain treatment
  • Careful agitation of chemicals into the fabric
  • Extraction of soils and stains
  • Individual stain removal
  • Post-clean grooming of the fibres when applicable
  • Drying with air movers when necessary

These are all standard procedures that every professional operator should adhere to.

We offer unbeatable upholstery and sofa cleaning in Swansea and the surrounding areas

Our 100% upholstery cleaning guarantee means that if you’re not happy that you’ve had the most thorough clean possible, we’ll re-clean for free, at your convenience.

For professional, fully insured carpet & upholstery cleaning Swansea and throughout South Wales, call us today on 0800 028 2788 / 07530 532208.

The Ultimate Guide For Caring For Your Carpets

The Ultimate Guide For Caring For Your Carpets

Carpets and flooring are focal points in your home.

Clean carpets create a great impression and give a home a fresh and uplifting feel.

Grubby carpets have the complete opposite effect, creating a cluttered and unhygienic impression.

Whilst all carpets age from the moment they are laid, there are some key steps you can take to maintain their fresh and clean appearance and help them last for many years to come.

Remove your shoes

The quickest way to prematurely age your carpets and cause soiling and wear is to walk over them with your shoes on.

Outdoor footwear traps dirt in the treads and deposits it onto carpet. This dirt will then act as an abrasive agent to the carpet fibres causing them to wear down and lose their original springy quality.

Use exterior and interior entrance mats

If you don’t have a porch in which you can remove your shoes then entrance mats work effectively to help remove soiling from your shoes before removing them.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

Every time you walk on a carpet you are transferring fine particles of dust and dirt onto the carpet fibres.

This debris will quickly degrade your carpet fibres as well as making them look grubby over time.

If you have children or pets you may need to vacuum thoroughly on a daily basis. Even if you live alone, we still recommend vacuuming a couple of times per week.

It can make a huge difference in how your carpets will look years down the line.

Invest in professional carpet cleaning

An annual professional carpet clean will retain the inviting appearance of your carpets and help them last for several years longer than if you were to neglect having them professionally cleaned.

While vacuuming will remove some of the dirt and debris from the fibres, a professional clean will clean deep down into the base and also remove any stains before they become permanent.

But which method of carpet cleaning should you choose?

The best choice for the vast majority of carpets is the hot water extraction (HWE) method of carpet cleaning.

Unlike low moisture cleaning, HWE uses moisture, pressure and heat to thoroughly clean deep into the fibres, removing fine dust particles and potential allergens such as dust mites.

And if the machine used is of sufficient quality and power, the results are far superior to other methods of carpet cleaning.

Don’t hire a carpet cleaning machine

Hiring one of the typical supermarket rental machines often proves to be a disaster. The usual issue is over-wetting the carpet, making it extremely difficult to then extract that excess moisture with an underpowered vacuum system.

These machines are simply not fit for purpose and can cause irreparable damage.

Tackle any spillages immediately

If you’re able to treat stains yourself as soon as they occur then you’ll usually be able to prevent permanent damage.

Here’s how you should tackle a spillage:

  1. Act quickly. At first it’s a spillage, and not yet a stain.
  2. Using a white towel or kitchen roll, press all your weight on the stain, blotting up as much as possible. This may take a few minutes but is worth the patience.
  3. Check to see if much of the stain has been transferred to the towel or kitchen roll and replace with a clean one as often as necessary. Do not be tempted to rub or scrub the stain.
  4. Once no more colour is being transferred, dab a clean towel with a small amount of water and continue blotting the stain for  few minutes.
  5. Now place another clean dry towel over the stain and weigh it down with something reasonably heavy for several hours.
  6. Assess the stain and if any colour remains, call a professional carpet cleaner.

We hope these tips have been helpful

If you’d like more information about the cleaning services we offer in South Wales and Bristol, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Carpet Cleaning Bridgend

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY

It’s the summer holidays and we’re now right in the middle of one of our busiest periods of the year.

And the one thing we see every year around this time is an increased number of bookings that entail correcting the damage caused by rental machines hired by homeowners with a little more time on their hands.

While it may be tempting to hire a machine yourself and save a few pounds, we’ve always advised against it, and not just because it may benefit our business.

The machines that are now commonly available in supermarkets throughout the UK are not capable of attaining anywhere near the same results as those operated by full time professional carpet cleaning companies.

And even if your carpets are in reasonable condition and you figure they just need freshening up, the decision shouldn’t just come down to results (or indeed price) in any case.

The reality is that the if you hire one of the vast majority of rental machines, it is too easy to over-wet your carpets and extremely difficult to then extract that excess moisture with an underpowered vacuum system.

They are often simply not fit for purpose.

This is particularly the case with wool based carpets, which most of our enquiries relate to when new customers call for help with accidental damage.

Is some cases, the damage is too significant to remedy and the homeowner is faced with trying to claim on their insurance or footing the bill for replacement carpets.

At best, they will have paid once for the rental machine and chemicals, and then again for the hire of a professional to rectify the issues. (In our experience, many hire companies are reluctant to offer any form of compensation and instead blame the homeowner for operating the machine incorrectly.)

In truth, it is difficult even for an experienced carpet cleaner to achieve a satisfactory result without using excess moisture or chemicals when operating under powered rental machines.

A more cost effective approach in the long term is to regularly vacuum your carpets and book an annual or bi-annual carpet clean with a trusted local professional carpet cleaning company.

Which Carpet Cleaning Machines Do We Operate?

The cost of carpet cleaning machines ranges from £100 to over £25000.

And so it goes without saying that the difference in results and drying times is significant.

But what may surprise you is that there are some “professional” companies actually using rental machines themselves!

Indeed, there are still companies in 2019 that trade from the back of an estate car with no training or insurance and sub standard rental equipment.

Whilst this means that these companies may rival the cost of you hiring your own supermarket machine, the results are still underwhelming and the risks omnipresent.

We have always chosen to do things properly.

We now operate two van mounted Hydramaster Boxxer 423s – the carpet cleaning industry’s leading truckmount machines.

These powerful carpet cleaning ‘engines’ offer unbeatable performance and attain far superior results compared to professional electric portable machines, nevermind DIY rental machines!

If you’d like any free advice on cleaning your carpets, simply call us today on 0800 028 2788. We offer our professional carpet cleaning service in Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend and most areas of South Wales.

Bait-And-Switch Carpet Cleaning

How to avoid the bait-and-switch carpet cleaning scam in South Wales

Carpet Cleaning Bait-And-Switch

Whilst most carpet and upholstery cleaning companies do their best to provide a high quality service at a fair price, there are some individuals and carpet cleaning franchises that tow the line of the law and employ bait-and-switch tactics on unsuspecting customers.

The bait-and-switch con is usually spotted in online or leaflet advertising with a company permanently promoting particularly cheap offers such as prices starting at £15, one room any size for £15, or a two bed house for £50 etc.

What then usually happens is that the carpet cleaning representative will try to raise the agreed price with additional hidden charges. These are often explained by stating that “you were quoted for a basic clean but your carpets need a deep clean” or “you need specific additional chemicals or special process not covered by the offer to remove these type of stains.”

Simply put, the “bait” is the misleading offer, and the “switch” is the attempt to scam the customer into paying an inflated price. And if the customer doesn’t agree to the new price, the clean is usually very rushed and the offending company out the door as soon as possible to minimise time and money spent on the job.

Unfortunately, this tactic is still being used in South Wales. Twice in recent weeks we have been called out to finish cleaning carpets that a particular company left in an unacceptable state. After speaking to one of these customers, it was clear that on a particular occasion, the bait-and-switch tactic was blatantly used by the company.

How to avoid being scammed by bait-and-switch

Firstly, we recommend avoiding any company that is currently advertising any suspiciously cheap deals.

It’s simple mathematics:

A carpet cleaning franchise operator simply wouldn’t make a reasonable living if he were to clean carpets at the prices advertised (after paying franchise fees and running costs).

And if they did manage to do so, it would be at the expense of any sort of quality service because jobs would have to be completed at breakneck speed in order to cram as many appointments as possible into their working week.

Granted, there are sometimes genuine reasons for having to increase the price of a job:

  • The rooms may be significantly larger than described.
  • There may be additional areas or rooms added.
  • The customer may ask for additional treatment such as moth repellant or stain protection.

But aggressively pushing an inflated price on a customer and then carrying out a sub standard service when they decline is simply not acceptable.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets? 9 Industry Experts Reveal Their Preferred Method Of Carpet Cleaning

We Asked 9 Experts “What Is The Most Effective Way To Clean Carpets, And How Do You Choose The Best Local Company?”


How do you get your carpets truly clean?

Maybe you’ve already hired a carpet cleaning machine from your local store and cleaned them yourself but were disappointed with the results?

Perhaps you’ve previously paid a local company to clean your carpets but felt the results didn’t merit the cost?

Or, have you simply put it off, worried you’ll have to live with damp, smelly carpets and sodden socks for a couple of days?

Maybe you’re concerned about whether good quality carpets should be “wet cleaned” or “dry cleaned?”

These are just some of the common and logical objections we often try to address on this blog.

We’ve stated our preferred method of carpet cleaning numerous times on this website. But we’re the first to acknowledge that many other companies also use the same method (albeit with naturally differing processes) of carpet cleaning.

So, let’s assume you’ve decided that hiring a cheap machine from your local shop is a bad idea, and you’re faced with choosing between several local companies using similar cleaning methods and, on the surface, similar machines.

How do you differentiate and decide who should carry out the work?

For once, we remain tight lipped and let others do the talking.

To provide an unbiased perspective, we contacted 9 of the UK’s most experienced carpet cleaning companies and asked them 3 key questions:

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?

2.) Why do you prefer this method?

3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?

Here’s what they said.

Lindsay Russell: Hydro Kleen Services, Scotland

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?

When tackling a typical residential carpet, we favour the hot water extraction method.
2.) Why do you prefer this method?
We prefer this method as it flushes out all the dirt and impurities from the carpet rather than mixing  it around. We know that this cleans deep to the bottom of the pile and also rinses out any stain removers or specialist additives we have had to use during the cleaning process. As a biology graduate, I take a deep interest in the ecosystem of the carpet i.e.bacteria and creepy crawlies. Our machines operate at around 92 degrees centigrade and most bacteria that are harmful to humans are killed at between 63 to 66 degrees.
This method also clean out dust mites, pollen, insect body parts, rat and mouse fur that has been walked in from outside and any vomit, urine, faeces and other impurities that may be present from pets, children or unwell family members.
3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
When we speak to a customer who is looking for a quote, we try to quote face to face. The questions a company asks a potential customer is vital.
Our first question is always “what is your main reason for needing your carpets cleaned, for example pet stains, asthma, spillages, a wild party or just a general clean”.
We have many packages for our customers to choose from such as the Pet Package, the Premiere Package, the Asthmatic Package, the Newborn Baby Package and the Extreme Package.
We are different from our competition for many reasons and we do our best to make that shine through. 
I think a good powerful twin vacuum machine is the minimum standard for the operation. Some companies use truckmounts but we favour powerful portables as we have so many awkward access jobs in and around Edinburgh. I also believe the company should always vacuum at the start of the job with their own high spec vacuum cleaner. We favour the Sebo BS36. It is absolutely vital that the customer should not be able to rent anything that the professional uses. If a company is able to single-handedly carry their extraction machine into a property, I believe the customer has made a poor choice as this will be under powered with poor suction, low pressure and possibly no heater capacity. 
Qualifications are vital and it is good practice for companies to have copies of certificates to hand. The company insurance document should also be available just in case the customer needs some assurances. 
We also offer a 7 day guarantee on all of our work. We have had it in place since day one and it is a great way to give the customer extra confidence in our services. 
Our levels of guarantee are that we guarantee not to leave the property until we have exhausted all means at our disposal to get the items worked on as clean as possible and as stain free as possible – even if it makes us late for our next job. 
The 7 day guarantee covers the customer for any stains or marks which may reappear, any general dissatisfaction with the work and if they spill anything on it within 7 days of us leaving. 
We have probably had around 2 call backs per year since we set up. I think that’s a great result. 

Andi Paul Hill: Plymouth Rug Cleaning

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?

My preferred method of cleaning is hot water extraction. And full submersion for rug cleaning.
2.) Why do you prefer this method?
I prefer this method because I feel it’s a deeper clean. Cleaning deep down into the pile rather then just the surface. Included in our hot water extraction cleaning is the following process, a process my family business has used for 30 years:
We pre vacuum all the carpet to be cleaned. This includes moving furniture. We then pre treat all stains with approprate stain removing solutions. We then prespray the area to be cleaned with a pre spray.
This is followed by agitation with a machine to work the cleaning solution into the dirt to help release it from the carpet. After the recommended dwell time we extract with our extraction machine.
Once the carpet is cleaned we put all furniture back on protective blocks and we groom and place air movers on the carpet to help speed up drying.
3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
There are several companies in my area who use the same method when it comes to cleaning carpets. But there are a lot more who don’t cover all the steps.
There are even companies in my area who do not pre vac or even move furniture. And a lot don’t place air-movers on the top resulting in carpets being wet for days.
We get chosen over our competition because we follow these steps on all our jobs and the fact that we are one of the most trained carpet cleaning companies in our area gets us a lot of work. We are trained by the Master Rug Cleaner Program, NCCA, IICRC and the Woolsafe Organisation. In our area we are also approved by The Trading Standards, Buy With Confidence Scheme.

Tony Stewart: Adchem Carpet Cleaning, Birmingham

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?
We use Hot Water Extraction…simply put we use a hot cleaning solution which we agitate into the carpet to loosen the soiling.
We then use an engine that sits on our van, which drives a heat exchanger, a powerful pump and a huge vacuum system. This injects super-heated water into the carpet fibres and the dirt is rinsed away leaving the carpet touch dry and squeaky clean.
This is our preferred method of cleaning carpets. Of course, we can turn down the heat for more delicate items but our machine takes the guesswork out of cleaning.
2.) Why do you prefer this method?
We prefer this because it cleans the carpet more effectively and because the dirt and grease is fully removed.  The pile lifts when it dries so that the carpet feels better underfoot as it now has more “spring”.
3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
It’s important for a company to explain exactly what they do and how they clean. We listen to what a potential customer needs and work with them. The price is often an important factor too for homeowners… but although another cleaner can always beat our price, they will never beat us on our quality of work.
“Too cheap and you pay twice” is an adage worth remembering.

We are a father and son family business and our philosophy is we like to say yes. We love cleaning carpets and furnishings and seeing the difference we can make to your home after we have cleaned.

We don’t use any type of high-pressure sales, fancy gimmicks, or hidden extras and we don’t try to sell you anything that you don’t need. You get a genuine high quality service with honest carpet cleaning prices. We are a business which is built on repeat work and recommendations.

John Kelly: Restormate, Cramlington

 1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?
My preferred method of cleaning was hot water extraction. Although low moisture and dry granule cleaning was offered should the customer request that and the carpet was in a suitable condition for an effective result.
2.) Why do you prefer this method?

Thought of as the most thorough cleaning method. It satisfies you that most of the dirt and contaminates such as spills etc have actually been removed from the carpet. Pre-vacuuming will remove around 80% of the particulate soiling so it makes sense to pre-vac first.

3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
Unfortunately the general public know very little about the carpet cleaning industry and as such are unable to ascertain what requirements they should look for when hiring a carpet cleaning company.
There are discerning customers out there who will seek out what they deem to be a professional outfit. However anyone can set up a professional looking website or post a nice leaflet. It is the professionalism and equipment used by the company that makes the difference.

Alastair Imray: Avoca Floorcare, Lanarkshire

 1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?
Our preferred method of residential carpet is definitely hot water extraction (hwe) method.
2.) Why do you prefer this method?
Hot water extraction if done correctly will completely get rid of stains and odours and is the best way to deep clean a carpet.
3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
Unfortunately there are no rules that stop anyone being able to attempt to clean a carpet. There are a few things that you should look for in choosing a carpet cleaner. More and more these days you can find people buying cheap inadequate machines and stick an add on Facebook and compete with fully trained professional carpet cleaning companies. 
Here are a few pointers to look for that will portray a professional company:
Quite simply ,if you speak to a carpet cleaner on the phone did they answer the phone in a polite and professional manner?
Are the carpet cleaners neat and uniformed?
Always look for referrals that look genuine on their website or social media. 
Check to see if the carpet cleaner is a member of a carpet cleaning association like the NCCA or TACCA

The type of machinery is important as well, a top of the range portable delivering around 500psi in pressure or a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine would be advisable. A good way of checking is if the carpet cleaner has a picture of the machinery. A powerful portable machine should be roughly the size of a washing machine. A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine remains in the van and is the most powerful and most effective type of machine. 

Training is very important as well. Make sure the the carpet cleaner shows signs of being professionally trained. There are so many potential stains that need different techniques to successfully remove, which requires a lot of knowledge.

Roy McReynolds: Elite Cleaning Services, County Antrim

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?
At Elite when choosing a cleaning method for carpet cleaning it would always be hot water extraction using our powerful truck mounted system. 
Although sometimes this is not the cleaning option because of a problematic carpet (this means when a carpet can not be over wet or it would create problems), in which case we would use a low moisture clean.
2.) Why do you prefer this method?
For me hot water extraction using a high powered truckmount and the appropriate chemicals gives a far deeper clean.
3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
Carpet cleaners are popping up everywhere and so it is very important to make sure you choose the right company.  I would recommend that all customers would check all reviews on the cleaners they are thinking of hiring.  
Also check their training and experience (how long they have been in the industry and if they have training with a registered instructor or are they associated with a registered body such as the NCCA/TACCA etc).  
Check what kind of machinery they will be using and make sure they have the appropriate liability insurance so they can stand over their work in the event that something goes wrong.

Paul King: Revita Cleaning Systems, Newcastle upon Tyne

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?

Hot water extraction. 99% of residential carpets are cleaned with this method using our truck mounted system.

2.) Why do you prefer this method?

There is no other method that gives such a deep a clean.

3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?

After 45 years in this business we know that a customer wants a clean that leaves the carpet fresh and they want it on time with the minimum of fuss – and the carpet needs to be able to be walked on as quickly as possible. A truckmount machine and eco friendly cleaning solutions are what achieve the best results in comparison to the dry cleaners using various chemicals and solvents that remain in your carpet fibres (and also compared to the guys working out the back of estate cars!) 

James Hoyles: Hoyles Cleaning Specialists, Yorkshire

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?

A typical residential job would be like last Saturdays job! I had a call from a lady just about to move in after getting the keys and she wanted two rooms cleaned. After a few questions from myself we went with a low moisture clean.

2.) Why do you prefer this method?

This was the best solution for the customer on this occasion because the carpets were not excessively dirty and so I was able to clean a large living room and 1 bedroom within 2 hours and it meant the lounge was nearly dry before I left after using dri pods to speed the drying process up.

3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?

I have 27 years of expertise in carpet cleaning, and find that a lot of my old and new customers are not looking for a low price but instead value high quality workmanship. We are a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider and have many years of membership in the National Carpet Cleaners Association and The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance.
These trade memberships help show that a company will believe in a duty of care to their customers and are fully insured. (whether that be carpet priced at £20 a sq metre or £300 a sq metre). 

Derek West: Arcadia Cleaners, Cheshire

1. ) When tackling a typical residential carpet, what is your preferred method of cleaning?

My preferred choice of cleaning medium to deep pile carpets will always be pre spray of a suitable product followed by Hot Water Extraction.

2.) Why do you prefer this method?
It’s the only true way to clean, all other methods are secondary and only used when hot water extraction may cause a problem.
Once you have ascertained hot water extraction wont cause any type of problem, then it’s the only method for proper cleaning.
For instance, if you are cleaning a carpet where the room is full of electrical computers and sockets on the floor, open servers, etc… then moisture may be a concern so you could clean using either encapsulation or sponges. If the carpet was really bad and encapsulation or sponges just wouldn’t quite get the results that hot water extraction would, then you would have to advise of the risk that may be necessary for total removal of the problem by using hot water extraction. The alternative is to use one of the low moisture methods but advise the customer that results would likely be limited.
3.) If a customer has several different local companies using this particular method of carpet cleaning, how do they choose the right company to carry out the work?
Look for positive recent reviews and testimonials and check if you have a TACCA approved carpet cleaning company in your area.

Summary: Key Points To Consider When Choosing A Local Carpet Cleaner

Reading back through these answers there are some common threads.

When choosing a local carpet cleaning company it is essential to check that the operative is fully trained and that the company can produce proof of training certificates, trade memberships and insurance documents.

It also makes sense to check that the machine they are operating cannot be rented yourself from a local supermarket or hardware store.

Finally, a professional approach is essential…

If you’ve booked a carpet cleaner and they arrive in an estate car with casual clothing and a machine they can easily carry into your home, don’t be afraid to postpone the work and do some more research.

No matter how cheap the price.

These Common Shop Bought Cleaning Products Can Ruin Your Carpets And Upholstery!

These Common Shop Bought Cleaning Products Can Ruin Your Carpets And Upholstery!

In addition to carpet and furniture cleaning jobs, we often get called to carry out individual stain removal treatments.

Indeed, it never ceases to amaze me the havoc a drunk husband or messy toddler can wreak on a lovely cream carpet!

Anyway, most spillages and common stains can be treated and removed successfully if we know what we’re dealing with.

But the real problems occur when a customer purchases and uses one of the common stain removal products that are sold in most supermarkets (no names mentioned but there’s more than one offending brand that fits the criteria here…)

I still can’t quite get my head around how some of these products can be sold as “stain removers” when they rarely actually get rid of the stain and often make it far worse and much more difficult to remove.


In fact, in my opinion and experience, they’re more likely to “set” the stain and make it look worse by discolouring the stain and the surrounding carpet fibres.

Here’s a before photo of a red wine stain that was treated and made worse with ****** by one of our customers this week:


Luckily, we managed to achieve a satisfactory result and the gentleman was over the moon:



On average, I’d say we attend at least two jobs per week where a stain has spiralled out of control and appears worse than when it was left untreated.

Some of these we manage to rectify (in the case of wool, we may be able to “re-colour” the colour damaged section of carpet) but there are some stains that once treated can’t be completely removed and in many cases can only be merely improved.

This is because some of the “stain removers” change the chemical structure of the stain and also damage the fibres.

In the majority of these cases, if the stain was left untreated by the shop bought stain remover we would have been able to fully remove all traces of the original stain.

If in any doubt about a particular cleaning product, or you’d like advice on treating a stain on your carpet or sofa, please do call us for advice.

We don’t charge for advice over the phone and we’re more than happy to talk you through a basic stain removal process with products you may already have in your home.


Confused About Price?

Why do carpet cleaners offer the same service but charge different prices?

The short answer is: they don’t.

The quality of equipment used by carpet cleaning companies varies wildly.

Whereas a local part-time operator may be happy to use a budget machine, offering a service that merely achieves average results, we like to approach things a little differently.

Sure, in the early days of Edwards Jeffery, I would have desperately loved to have saved thousands of pounds worth of investment in machinery if I could have guaranteed the same results.

But I couldn’t.

And that’s why we invested in the best carpet cleaning machines and solutions in the industry.  

The problem with budget equipment is that the results simply don’t compare to modern, high powered carpet cleaning machines. And if a company is cutting costs in equipment and solutions, it’s quite possible that they’re also paying lip service to investing in training, accreditation and insurance.

An untrained, uninsured carpet cleaner that is using cheap equipment, is one that will fail to achieve the results you deserve, while leaving you fully exposed to the potential costs of accidental damage.

The cost of purchasing, maintaining and running this equipment – along with keeping training and insurances up to date – inevitably results in a few pounds added to the overall cost of your invoice.

But the results are more than worth it.

Before plumping for the cheapest carpet cleaning quote, you might like to first consider:

1.) How much would it cost to replace your carpets or upholstery? (it is possible to bring many carpets back to NEW condition with experience and quality equipment!)

2.) Are you happy for your furnishings to just “look a little better” or do you want beautifully clean, fresh and hygienic carpets and upholstery?

3.) Would you be disappointed if you saved £20, but the results weren’t as good as you hoped for?


Professional carpet cleaning should be a value added investment; one that saves money on replacements while prolonging the lifespan of your furnishings.

It needn’t be expensive. But nor should it be dirt cheap. (and if it is…well, there’s a good reason for it…)

For more details on the questions you should ask a carpet cleaner, and how to find out if they’re up to the job, check out this article:

Questions to Ask When Looking For a Carpet Cleaning Company in South Wales.

In general, the carpet cleaning industry is divided into two camps:

1.) Those who are fully insured, suitably trained and use quality equipment that gets great results (backed by a 100% guarantee)


2.) Operators who use budget, rental quality machinery and lack any training or insurance.

Choosing a company in the first camp means you’ll get the best possible results while negating the risk of any damage or expensive mistakes.











What Germs Are Lurking In Your Carpets?

What Germs Are Lurking In Your Carpets?

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking barefoot across, lush, fresh and bouncy carpets.

A beautifully clean carpet adds comfort, practicality and luxury to a room.

But there’s a problem with carpets, or any type of flooring…

Vacuuming simply won’t remove the allergens that cause many of our allergic reactions and health problems that are often dismissed as “one of those things.”

In fact, most people suffer from niggles that are possibly caused by germs, mites or bacteria harbored in our flooring.

And most commercial rental machines don’t have sufficient power to kill these germs and make your home a healthier environment.

I’ve often mentioned having your carpets regularly cleaned. It’s not purely for appearance or to prolong their lifespan – it’s predominately for health!

Here’s what you’ll usually find looking in your carpets, flooring and upholstery:

Dust Mites (High Association With Allergies)


Mold Spores

Dead Insects

Pet Hair & Skin / Dander (High Association With Allergies)



Embedded Dirt


The Most Effective Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Method For Health

These are just a few of the many allergens that love a dirty carpet. And so it is clear that you need to thoroughly clean these surfaces at least every 18 months! And more frequently if you have pets and young children.

The best method to deal effectively with these issues is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company that uses the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method of cleaning.

Although dry cleans are a valid method of carrying out maintenance cleaning, nothing can be the sanitizing results of HWE.