Sandstone Floor Cleaning

Sandstone Floor Cleaning And Maintenance

A sandstone floor, if correctly maintained, is a durable and striking choice for a kitchen or hallway floor.

When cleaned and sealed, the contrasting shades of sandstone tiles pop out beautifully and make an instant impression.

But if cleaned incorrectly and poorly sealed, the colours become muted and grey and it loses its unique appearance.

Sandstone is often composed of quartz and its colours can include brown, tan, yellow, pink, red, grey, white and black.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Sandstone Floor

It is important to care for your sandstone floor in order to keep it looking at its best.

  • Always blot any spillages immediately
  • Regularly sweep the floor to remove any dust and dry soiling
  • Never use general shop bought cleaning products or harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Mop regularly with clean warm water or a specialist cleaning solution suitable for sandstone (please feel free to contact us for details of quality products)
  • Invest in a thorough professional clean when your sandstone floor starts to lose its vibrancy and the colours become muted

We have been successfully cleaning sandstone floors throughout South Wales for several years and so have a great deal of experience working with this beautiful flooring.

Using a combination of rotary machines and hand tools, we can restore even the most neglected of sandstone floors back to their original condition.

Here’s the typical process we’ll follow to restore a sandstone floor:

Our Sandstone Cleaning Process

Inspection & Protection: We identify any pre-existing stains, loose grout or tile damage and, if necessary, protect any surrounding furniture / units.

Dry Soil & Dust Removal: Before the main clean starts, we’ll remove any dry soil and debris from the floor.

Cleaning Solution Application & Agitation: Starting on a small section of sandstone, we apply our specialist cleaning solution to the area and agitate deep into the tile using a rotary machine with attached brushes.

Rinsing The Slurry: The agitation created by the rotary brushes and wet cleaning solution will form a slurry. This slurry is removed with a wet vacuum and the process repeated meticulously and as many times as needed until the floor section is completely clean and all ingrained tile soiling is extracted.

Drying & Sealing: Only once we’re 100% sure the floor has been restored to its best condition will we dry / seal the tiles (there are various methods of doing so and we will discuss all options with you)

Recent Floor Restoration Work In Cardiff & Bridgend

Recent Floor Restoration Work In Cardiff & Bridgend

Although we first made our name as a carpet and upholstery cleaning company, we’re finding an increasing amount of our work is coming in the hard floor cleaning sector.

Hard tile, wood and stone flooring is a practical and attractive addition to any home, but it often comes with a hefty price tag.

And that’s where knowing a good floor cleaning and restoration company can come in handy.

Restoring a hard floor, rather than replacing it, will save you a small fortune and can transform the appearance of a room or hallway.

And one of the most popular floor types we come across is travertine.

Travertine is hard wearing, beautiful (when clean!) and can last a lifetime. But it does need regular maintenance and care (avoid using any harsh detergents or chemicals when mopping!)

Here’s some recent travertine jobs we’ve been working on in the Cardiff and Bridgend areas in the last month or two:


The above “before” photo shows the grime that built up on the tile and in the grouting over the period of a couple of years.

Although these travertine tiles are essentially “clean” on the surface, you can clearly see the finished result after a deep professional clean.

Indeed, it’s easy to forget just how good they look when they are first fitted!

The image below shows another two travertine kitchen floors “before” and “after” cleaning. Flooring of this quality doesn’t come cheap, and so it makes sense to restore and then maintain it carefully.

Again, these photos illustrate how a room can be brought back to life simply by restoring a tired floor.

The most important thing is that once your floor is cleaned and sealed, you maintain it by regular cleaning with suitable professional products.

If you need advice with this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For a free quotation for all your hard floor cleaning and restoration needs, contact us today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208.