6 Christmas Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean & Fresh

Christmas Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean & Fresh

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably going to be having more guests over than usual. And with December being such a wet month here in the UK, your carpets can take quite a beating over the festive period.

Although nothing beats a full professional carpet clean in terms of results, there are a few things you can do to minimize staining and keep your carpets in good condition.

1) Floor mats

There’s always that one guest who will walk straight in your home with muddy shoes. And so it’s worth spending a few pounds on some inside and outside floor mats. Even if you don’t usually use them, they will prevent too much dirt being carried onto your carpets.

2) Shoe racks

Simply putting a cheap shoe rack outside or just inside your front door is an effective prompt for your guests to remove their footwear without even having to ask. The number cause of traffic staining and the quick wear of carpets is walking with shoes on.

3) Seal your carpets and flooring

If you’ve recently had your carpets, upholstery or flooring cleaned, it makes sense to get them stain protected as soon as possible. High quality stain protection means that any spillages will much easier to clean up afterwards and will make your next professional carpet clean so much more effective. This is because any stains will stay at the top of the carpet rather than seeping deep into the fibers.

4) If you have a real Christmas tree, water it frequently!

If you keep your Christmas tree fully hydrated, it will shed fewer needles. Not only does this mean you’ll be cleaning up less frequently, it also prevents the needles embedding into the carpet or being transferred throughout the home – causing abrasion and wear and tear to the carpet fibers.

5) Hoover regularly

You may be able to get away with a quick vacuum once a week the rest of the year, but you won’t at Christmas. And it’s not just about keeping everything looking clean for your guests – it is important to avoid excess grit getting into the base of your carpets and furnishings, causing them to age quicker. A quick vacuum every other day will keep them in good order.

6) Don’t use shop bought stain removers

This is the time of year when popular stain removers see a huge boost in sales.


They don’t usually work very well and in many cases they can completely ruin your carpets or upholstery. They contain harsh chemicals that can “set” stains into the carpet or even cause permanent color damage.

We come across this damage on a daily basis and so we know it is very common. By treating any stain with a shop bought product you will likely reduce the future chance of successful stain removal by a professional carpet cleaner. You’ve been warned…

If you would like to buy a reliable and effective stain remover then please get in touch with us – we stock a great product that carries very minimal risk of any damage.

Finally, have a great Christmas! And if your carpets, hard flooring or sofas need bringing back to life in the new year, don’t hesitate to give us a call!