Confused About Price?

Why do carpet cleaners offer the same service but charge different prices?

The short answer is: they don’t.

The quality of equipment used by carpet cleaning companies varies wildly.

Whereas a local part-time operator may be happy to use a budget machine, offering a service that merely achieves average results, we like to approach things a little differently.

Sure, in the early days of Edwards Jeffery, I would have desperately loved to have saved thousands of pounds worth of investment in machinery if I could have guaranteed the same results.

But I couldn’t.

And that’s why we invested in the best carpet cleaning machines and solutions in the industry.  

The problem with budget equipment is that the results simply don’t compare to modern, high powered carpet cleaning machines. And if a company is cutting costs in equipment and solutions, it’s quite possible that they’re also paying lip service to investing in training, accreditation and insurance.

An untrained, uninsured carpet cleaner that is using cheap equipment, is one that will fail to achieve the results you deserve, while leaving you fully exposed to the potential costs of accidental damage.

The cost of purchasing, maintaining and running this equipment – along with keeping training and insurances up to date – inevitably results in a few pounds added to the overall cost of your invoice.

But the results are more than worth it.

Before plumping for the cheapest carpet cleaning quote, you might like to first consider:

1.) How much would it cost to replace your carpets or upholstery? (it is possible to bring many carpets back to NEW condition with experience and quality equipment!)

2.) Are you happy for your furnishings to just “look a little better” or do you want beautifully clean, fresh and hygienic carpets and upholstery?

3.) Would you be disappointed if you saved £20, but the results weren’t as good as you hoped for?


Professional carpet cleaning should be a value added investment; one that saves money on replacements while prolonging the lifespan of your furnishings.

It needn’t be expensive. But nor should it be dirt cheap. (and if it is…well, there’s a good reason for it…)

For more details on the questions you should ask a carpet cleaner, and how to find out if they’re up to the job, check out this article:

Questions to Ask When Looking For a Carpet Cleaning Company in South Wales.

In general, the carpet cleaning industry is divided into two camps:

1.) Those who are fully insured, suitably trained and use quality equipment that gets great results (backed by a 100% guarantee)


2.) Operators who use budget, rental quality machinery and lack any training or insurance.

Choosing a company in the first camp means you’ll get the best possible results while negating the risk of any damage or expensive mistakes.











1st Place UK Local And Loved Awards 2015!

1st Place In The UK – Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning, Local And Loved Awards!

On March 6, I attended the UK Local and Loved Awards presentation in Cardiff where we were lucky enough to take home 4 awards!

The Local and Loved awards are run yearly and every business submits customer reviews which are then verified independently; meaning no fake reviews can slip through the net!

local and loved awards 2015

I was absolutely over the moon to have come 1st in the UK for carpet and upholstery cleaning and was also awarded the 2015 overall ultimate achiever, along with coming first out of the businesses in all categories in Bridgend and making it into the top 100 out of all UK businesses that entered the competition.

I’d really like to thank all our customers who choose my business and continue to return to us time and again for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

It means an awful lot to me. Thank you!

Going forward into 2015, I have recently added a new unit in Porthcawl where we clean and dry rugs that are collected throughout South Wales.

We have also added another van and taken on a new employee, meaning we are now able to cover most jobs at short notice (perfect for emergency stain removals).

There will also soon be a new commercial and residential cleaning side of the business added to Edwards Jeffery; we’re nearly there – just the website and other bits to finish before going live!

It’s looking like another very busy but exciting year!

Anyway, that’s enough waffling from me…

Thank you so much for your continued support – it’s very much appreciated.


Melissa Edwards x







Christmas Competition – Win a FREE Night In A Luxury Welsh Country Manor Hotel!

Win A FREE Night + Breakfast, In The Beautiful Caer Beris Manor Hotel!

We are offering the chance for our customers to win a stay in a luxurious country retreat nestled in the Wye Valley, close to the Brecon Beacons, courtesy of Edwards Jeffery Carpet Cleaning!

Leave your worries behind and put your feet up in front of a log fire or enjoy lovely walks in the 27 acres of the hotel grounds running alongside the River Irfon.

The hotel has beautifully furnished bedrooms and dogs ARE allowed in all areas of the hotel except the restaurants.


Caer Beris Manor Hotel

I recently enjoy a fabulous stay in the hotel and thought it would make a fantastic Christmas prize for one of our lucky customers.

This prize includes a free stay of one night of your choosing ( for 2 guests plus a full cooked welsh breakfast.

The restaurant serves stunning food in its AA Rosette winning Restaurant 1986.


To enter this competition, simply LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and SHARE THE FACEBOOK POST on your timeline along with commenting “Liked and Shared” under the post.


***IMPORTANT: Enter your contact details here so that we are able to notify you if you win the competition:


Caer Beris is an absolutely stunning place to stay. There is loads to do in the area and beautiful countryside surrounds the hotel.

But, to be honest, you’ll probably not want to leave the grounds!

The hotel can be booked on any available dates. We will announce the winner, drawn at random, and make contact to arrange the booking on Friday 19th December.

Hotel Grounds

Here are the T&C’s:

Christmas Competition Rules

Like our Facebook page and LIKE and SHARE the competition post on to enter the competition for a chance to win this prize.

You MUST also enter your details on the following contact page so that we are able to contact you:

The competition is only open to residents aged 18 years or older, residing in South Wales, who have previously booked our services or do so by Friday 19th December.

Winner must supply their full name, email address and telephone number on the above contact page link.

Closing date is Friday 19th December 2014.


Only one entry will be permitted per person.

If we are unable to contact the winner within 2 days of the competition closing date, we reserve the right to offer the prize to a runner-up.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions or to alter or the competition if deemed necessary or if circumstances arise outside of our control.


Here’s a link to the hotel:


November Roundup: Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning News

November’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning News…

(Plus A Urine Stain Removal Tip… And News Of Our Best Prize Competition To Date!)

It’s been another hectic month for us!

Usually, November can be a little slower before the mad rush in December as our customers get their carpets, floors and furnishings refreshed ready for the inevitable onslaught of xmas visitors!

This month has been our busiest ever and we’re fast filling up the diary for December.

We’ve been working throughout homes and businesses in South Wales in November – everywhere from West Wales right up to the Severn Bridge.

As well as working in some prestigious large hotels, we’ve also been cleaning in some great small local businesses.

Here’s a carpet cleaning job that we completed for a local store in Pontypridd:

carpet and upholstery cleaning news

I’ve been thinking recently about producing some YouTube videos to show how we go about our work.

These videos will also contain tips and tricks to remove common daily spills and stains safely and quickly. They should be genuinely helpful and save any mishaps.

Look out for them on this website and our social media channels in the coming weeks!

Which reminds me: many of the stains we remove can be easily removed with our brilliant professional stain remover. It knocks spots of any shop bought product – in results and safety.

If you’s like to purchase a stain remover in time for Xmas, simply click here. You’re welcome to pick it up from us or get it delivered free.

Carpet and Upholstery Urine Stains

One of the more regular call-outs that we get are for pet urine stains – and there were plenty of them this month!

The most vital thing you can do with a urine stain is to react FAST!

You do not want the stain to set into the fibres and go into the backing of the carpet.

Either call a professional carpet cleaner or, if you’re happy to treat the stain yourself, the following method should work beautifully:

First thing is NOT to spray urine stains with any household or shop bought products!

Blot with kitchen paper and apply a solution of 2 parts water to one part white vinegar.

Pour it onto stain…

Leave for 10-15 minutes and then blot till it is reasonably dry.

Once nearly dry, sprinkle some baking soda onto area and leave for 15 minutes ish and then vacuum area.

This should remove stain and neutralise the odor!

Treating the stain in this way, means you massively reduce the chance of lingering odour or any permanent damage.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

P.S. It’s looking like a crazy December and our appointments will soon run out. If you’re needing your carpets or furnishings restored next month, please let us know asap to avoid disappointment.

P.P.S. We also have one hell of a competition that we’re running in December. Stay tuned as this will be our best giveaway yet. And it will make the most amazing Christmas present for a loved one!!!

What Germs Are Lurking In Your Carpets?

What Germs Are Lurking In Your Carpets?

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking barefoot across, lush, fresh and bouncy carpets.

A beautifully clean carpet adds comfort, practicality and luxury to a room.

But there’s a problem with carpets, or any type of flooring…

Vacuuming simply won’t remove the allergens that cause many of our allergic reactions and health problems that are often dismissed as “one of those things.”

In fact, most people suffer from niggles that are possibly caused by germs, mites or bacteria harbored in our flooring.

And most commercial rental machines don’t have sufficient power to kill these germs and make your home a healthier environment.

I’ve often mentioned having your carpets regularly cleaned. It’s not purely for appearance or to prolong their lifespan – it’s predominately for health!

Here’s what you’ll usually find looking in your carpets, flooring and upholstery:

Dust Mites (High Association With Allergies)


Mold Spores

Dead Insects

Pet Hair & Skin / Dander (High Association With Allergies)



Embedded Dirt


The Most Effective Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Method For Health

These are just a few of the many allergens that love a dirty carpet. And so it is clear that you need to thoroughly clean these surfaces at least every 18 months! And more frequently if you have pets and young children.

The best method to deal effectively with these issues is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company that uses the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method of cleaning.

Although dry cleans are a valid method of carrying out maintenance cleaning, nothing can be the sanitizing results of HWE.





Questions to Ask When Looking For a Carpet Cleaning Company in South Wales

Questions to Ask When Looking For a Carpet Cleaning Company in South Wales

Before choosing an upholstery and carpet cleaning company in South Wales, it is helpful to arm yourself with some basic knowledge of the industry. And more importantly, to be able to check that your prospective carpet cleaning service will tick all the important boxes.

Here’s a checklist to help your narrow down your choice to the reputable  carpet cleaning companies in South Wales:

carpet cleaning company in South Wales

1. Do you have full insurance? It’s unbelievable the amount of carpet cleaners out there (often part-time operators) operating without insurance. And even if they do have insurance, if they state that they have “liability” insurance, this will not cover accidental damage to carpets or upholstery that has been cleaned. It only covers your home.

2. Have you been professionally trained? Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is not straightforward manual labour. Yes, it is a very physically demanding occupation, but it is also a very skilled trade. Even after years in the job, we’re always learning. Recognised, professional training not only means the company will do a better job – it also means that they are trained to avoid damage caused by using incorrect temperatures and chemical solutions.

3. Do you use the best cleaning equipment? What is the brand and model of machine you’re using? The second question is particularly important. And it can provide a great deal of information – the internet is your friend! Simply take down the name of the machine, Google it, and note the price and specifications of the machinery. TIP: If they answer “Rug Doctor”, run a mile. If the machine can be bought in a local hardware store, run a mile. The best carpet cleaning machinery runs into thousands of pounds – not a couple of hundred pounds!!!

4. Do you offer a free quotation and full guarantee? You shouldn’t be paying anything for a carpet or upholstery survey. Full stop. And as for the guarantee – we offer all our clients a free re-clean if they feel we have missed a stain or area of carpet. And if they’re still not happy, we offer a full refund. And so should your local carpet cleaner.

5. Are you certified by a recognised association? This point is important because it substantiates the points above. A trade association such as TACCA will only allow recognition of a company if they have 2 forms of professional training, full insurance and equipment of the required standard.

Other considerations of choosing a good operator will be the method of cleaning they use, their reviews and their price.

But, please remember that a very low price may mean the company is cutting costs on equipment, insurance or training.

For you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company in South Wales, call Melissa from Edwards Jeffery today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208.


DIY Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

The Dangers of DIY Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

Whilst we fully recommend our customers maintaining their furnishings, there is a particular area of DIY cleaning that has a habit of going terribly wrong for many homeowners: DIY Upholstery and Leather Cleaning.

We’ve long advised exercising caution when carrying out DIY carpet cleaning, and with leather or upholstery cleaning, it is even more vital you get it right.

If you choose the wrong product to clean upholstery or leather there is often no way to remedy the damage caused.

Even more astonishing is that some of the manufacturers or superstores that sell such furniture will hand out a basic care kit that supposedly covers the cleaning needs of a huge variety of fabrics and leathers.

I advise you DON’T use them!

Homemade Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Despite there being numerous websites that you can find instructions to make homemade upholstery cleaning solutions, be very careful if you choose to make and use them.

TEST the solution first on a small hidden area of the fabric at the back of the sofa.

That way, if it causes any unexpected reaction, you have not ruined your expensive item of furniture.

And if you need advice on stubborn individual stain treatment, please get in touch with a reputable professional upholstery cleaner.

DON’T attempt to remove a stubborn stain with additional harsh chemicals.

Professional Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

Thinking of hiring a rental machine along with some upholstery shampoo to rejuvenate your sofa? I’d suggest giving it a miss.

We are often called by unhappy homeowners who have used these machines only to find they are not powerful enough to remove the necessary moisture from the fabric. This causes many problems such as over wetting and even unsightly water marks.

We also recently visited a home where an unfortunate lady had used a steam machine which had permanently altered the colour of her sofa’s fabric due to excess heat.

Not in a position to pay for professional cleaning?

Not everyone can afford to pay for professional cleaning right away.

If it comes down to budget, the best course is to save another month or two rather than buy a harsh cleaning product from your local store.

But a good professional upholstery cleaner should be more than willing to offer advice over the phone.

They may also have safe and effective solutions that you can purchase to maintain your furnishings and remove common stains quickly before they set.

If you need any stain removal advice or info on caring for your upholstery and leather, please don’t hesitate to call me today on 07530 532208 (Melissa).




Who Else Would Love to Win a Beautiful FREE Rug?!

Who Else Would Love to Win a Beautiful FREE Rug?!

993 cream_red lrg

Enter our competition to win your choice of one of these 3 quality rugs!

Closing date is Sunday 28th September at 9pm. Please follow the competition rules further down this page!


Rug Competition Rules

Like our Facebook page and LIKE and SHARE the competition post on our Facebook page to enter the competition for a chance to win this prize.

The competition is only open to residents aged 18 years or older, residing in Wales.

Winner must supply their full name, address, email address and daytime telephone number to arrange for delivery of the prize.

Closing date is Sunday 28th September at 9pm!

993 red lrg

Only one entry will be permitted per person.

If we are unable to contact the winner within 2 days of the competition closing date, we reserve the right to offer the prize to a runner up.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions or to alter or the competition if deemed necessary or if circumstances arise outside of our control.

We cannot accept any responsibility for lost, delayed or fraudulent entries.


monte carlo cream

Good Luck!

Melissa Edwards x

P.S. Don’t forget to LIKE Edwards Jeffery Facebook Page AND LIKE and SHARE the Competition Post!!!



























Which Method of Carpet Cleaning is Best?

Which Method of Carpet Cleaning is Best?


If you’ve ever rented a carpet cleaning machine from a local store, you’ll probably have been more than a little alarmed at how long it took for your carpets to dry…

It’s also the reason why many of our customers ask if we use a “dry” carpet cleaning method.

And yes, we do…along with other methods.

But, is dry cleaning the best method of cleaning a carpet? And is it the only way to achieve fast drying times?

Let’s dig a little deeper and investigate which method of carpet cleaning is best for your home or business.

Although there are several different variations of machines, techniques and products within dry and Hot Water Extraction (HWE) carpet and upholstery cleaning, essentially it comes down to two options…

Which Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is Best

Dry Carpet Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction?

The type of carpet and upholstery cleaning method you choose often depends on the company you hire and to some extent the type of carpet that is laid.

If we are cleaning carpets in an office with carpet tiles, we will almost certainly be using our rotary machine to carry out bonnet cleaning. But generally, this is one of the only times that we would choose a somewhat “dry” method over hot water extraction cleaning (sometimes referred to as steam cleaning).

You see, in our experience, dry carpet cleaning simply does not come close to achieving the same results as HWE.

The dry method removes soiling by absorption or transference. It can be a great method of working on typical commercial carpet tiles or carrying out maintenance cleans, but it needs a conscientious operator to ensure that pads are replaced before they are dirty and that products are completely removed from carpets.

And even the most diligent carpet cleaning operator will struggle to ensure that ALL traces of products and residue are removed from fibers and fabrics.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction sprays a hot water solution into the carpet – which has been pre-treated with a carpet cleaning product – and then quickly extracts the moisture along with the soil via a powerful vacuum system.

The effectiveness of this method depends on the power and quality of the machine being used by the carpet cleaning company. As with so many things, you truly get the results you pay for…

This method is recommended by all carpet manufacturers as being the best method of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

HWE will remove solutions and soiling from your carpet whilst simultaneously removing harming harmful allergens and bacteria.

And if the clean is performed using a modern, powerful machine, drying times are very fast and cause no inconvenience whatsoever.

It is the healthiest and most effective method of cleaning carpets and upholstery for homeowners, and as long as it is carried out with care by an experienced company (insist on insurance!) it will get you the results you desire.





Emergency Stain Removal

Post School Holidays – Emergency Stain Removal!

Hands up if you’re kinda glad things are going back to normal this week?! Even secretly…

Like me, I’m sure you love our children more than anything in this world. But, they do seem to have unique talents in muddying and staining carpets and upholstery! At least mine do.

It’s been a very busy summer for us this year. We’ve been out cleaning a variety of premises including homes of new and repeat customers, pubs, offices, mobile homes and even a very large hotel (we are delighted to have been awarded the contract to clean the carpets in the Radison Blu hotel in Cardiff.

So if you do happen to be staying at the hotel in the near future, you can be sure that the carpets will be super hygienic and as clean as possible!

Grubby hands and muddy feet!

Carpets often take the brunt of the damage from children hurtling to and from the garden during the summer, with high traffic areas such as hallways taking a particular beating.

But upholstery also benefits from a good professional clean due to grubby hands smudging stains onto the arms of sofas. Over time this can cause the fabric on the arms of your sofa to deteriorate and appear discolored.

We recommend a post summer professional clean of at least your main walkways  – hallways, living rooms, stairs and landings. It’s not just for appearance – it will help protect and maintain the integrity of the carpet fibres and prolong their condition for many years to come.

Emergency Stain Removal

You know that annoying little stain that keeps catching the corner of your eye? Don’t ignore it. The faster you treat a stain the better the chance of removal. But do not use cheap chemicals purchased from a shop.

If you aren’t in a position to pay for professional stain removal, we also supply a really great stain remover that onkly costs a few pounds that will deal effectively with loads of common stains.

Just give us a call, pop me an email or get in touch on Facebook and I’ll happily drop one off to you!

Hope you all have a great September.


Melissa Edwards x

07530 532008