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Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines

Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines – The Facts

Carpet cleaning rental machines are increasingly available to pick up in most major supermarkets these days.

It seems you can’t walk more than 10 meters into the entrance of your local supermarket without falling over advertising stands boasting claims such as “The best, most cost-effective way to clean carpets.”

This kind of statement is incredibly misleading.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning rental machines simply don’t come close to achieving the results of a professionally trained technician with powerful equipment. A quick comparison of the specifications of a supermarket rental machine vs a powerful professional machine will tell you all you need to know.

Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines

Before you go and pick up that ‘bargain’ rental machine, there are a couple things you should consider…


A common problem with rental machines is over-wetting. A carpet that has been left excessively wet can cause major problems including browning and shrinkage.

Stain Removal

Another disadvantage to hiring a DIY machine is that most people simply don’t have the knowledge or the appropriate products to remove stubborn stains.

A professional carpet cleaning technician should have specialist training (be sure to ask & check out their reviews!) in stain identification. Not just so that individual stains can be successfully removed, but also to ensure that no damage is done to your carpet!

The Real Costs…

Hiring a rental machine is a bargain, right??? After all, you can pick up a machine for about £30 and you’re just a couple of hours work away from spotlessly clean carpets…

Not quite…

Let’s take a closer look at the real costs of hiring a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine…

First, you’ll need the machine itself – that’ll set you back £30.

You will also need their carpet ‘Detergent’ which will cost £9.99.

And what about those heavily soiled traffic areas such as the hallway? You’ll need the ‘Traffic Lane Cleaner’ for that… about £6.

Oh, and don’t forget that suspicious stain you blamed the dog for. You will need to purchase the ‘Urine Eliminator!’ for £5 (but don’t expect it to actually remove any urine stains…)

Any individual stubborn stains that need special attention? You’d better grab a bottle of ‘Spot and Stain Remover’ … £2.99

Assuming you don’t want to be liable for the full costs of a replacing a damaged machine, it would be wise to pick up a bottle of ‘Anti Foam’ to ensure the excess suds don’t break the machine…£2.99

And finally, you know that smell that’s been lingering since you handed back the machine??? That’ll be the over-wet carpets….

The “Odour Remover” might help mask a bit of that pong… £2.99

So, that’s £59.96 to hire a machine and chemicals with a fraction of the power, capabilities and effectiveness of a professional set-up.

And that’s before factoring in the cost of your time and the potential for costly mishaps as per T&C’s.

Are you really grabbing yourself a bargain???

We have cleaned countless homes for unhappy customers who have previously attempted to clean their carpets and upholstery with a rental machine. 

Save yourself the time, worry, and, in some cases cost, and call an approved TACCA operator in your local area. 





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