Emergency Stain Removal

Post School Holidays – Emergency Stain Removal!

Hands up if you’re kinda glad things are going back to normal this week?! Even secretly…

Like me, I’m sure you love our children more than anything in this world. But, they do seem to have unique talents in muddying and staining carpets and upholstery! At least mine do.

It’s been a very busy summer for us this year. We’ve been out cleaning a variety of premises including homes of new and repeat customers, pubs, offices, mobile homes and even a very large hotel (we are delighted to have been awarded the contract to clean the carpets in the Radison Blu hotel in Cardiff.

So if you do happen to be staying at the hotel in the near future, you can be sure that the carpets will be super hygienic and as clean as possible!

Grubby hands and muddy feet!

Carpets often take the brunt of the damage from children hurtling to and from the garden during the summer, with high traffic areas such as hallways taking a particular beating.

But upholstery also benefits from a good professional clean due to grubby hands smudging stains onto the arms of sofas. Over time this can cause the fabric on the arms of your sofa to deteriorate and appear discolored.

We recommend a post summer professional clean of at least your main walkways  – hallways, living rooms, stairs and landings. It’s not just for appearance – it will help protect and maintain the integrity of the carpet fibres and prolong their condition for many years to come.

Emergency Stain Removal

You know that annoying little stain that keeps catching the corner of your eye? Don’t ignore it. The faster you treat a stain the better the chance of removal. But do not use cheap chemicals purchased from a shop.

If you aren’t in a position to pay for professional stain removal, we also supply a really great stain remover that onkly costs a few pounds that will deal effectively with loads of common stains.

Just give us a call, pop me an email or get in touch on Facebook and I’ll happily drop one off to you!

Hope you all have a great September.


Melissa Edwards x

07530 532008






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