Questions to Ask When Looking For a Carpet Cleaning Company in South Wales

Questions to Ask When Looking For a Carpet Cleaning Company in South Wales

Before choosing an upholstery and carpet cleaning company in South Wales, it is helpful to arm yourself with some basic knowledge of the industry. And more importantly, to be able to check that your prospective carpet cleaning service will tick all the important boxes.

Here’s a checklist to help your narrow down your choice to the reputable  carpet cleaning companies in South Wales:

carpet cleaning company in South Wales

1. Do you have full insurance? It’s unbelievable the amount of carpet cleaners out there (often part-time operators) operating without insurance. And even if they do have insurance, if they state that they have “liability” insurance, this will not cover accidental damage to carpets or upholstery that has been cleaned. It only covers your home.

2. Have you been professionally trained? Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is not straightforward manual labour. Yes, it is a very physically demanding occupation, but it is also a very skilled trade. Even after years in the job, we’re always learning. Recognised, professional training not only means the company will do a better job – it also means that they are trained to avoid damage caused by using incorrect temperatures and chemical solutions.

3. Do you use the best cleaning equipment? What is the brand and model of machine you’re using? The second question is particularly important. And it can provide a great deal of information – the internet is your friend! Simply take down the name of the machine, Google it, and note the price and specifications of the machinery. TIP: If they answer “Rug Doctor”, run a mile. If the machine can be bought in a local hardware store, run a mile. The best carpet cleaning machinery runs into thousands of pounds – not a couple of hundred pounds!!!

4. Do you offer a free quotation and full guarantee? You shouldn’t be paying anything for a carpet or upholstery survey. Full stop. And as for the guarantee – we offer all our clients a free re-clean if they feel we have missed a stain or area of carpet. And if they’re still not happy, we offer a full refund. And so should your local carpet cleaner.

5. Are you certified by a recognised association? This point is important because it substantiates the points above. A trade association such as TACCA will only allow recognition of a company if they have 2 forms of professional training, full insurance and equipment of the required standard.

Other considerations of choosing a good operator will be the method of cleaning they use, their reviews and their price.

But, please remember that a very low price may mean the company is cutting costs on equipment, insurance or training.

For you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company in South Wales, call Melissa from Edwards Jeffery today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208.


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