Our Home Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 10 Step Home Carpet Cleaning Process

There are many factors that influence the results of carpet cleaning.

Firstly, rental machines don’t achieve results that are in any way comparable to those that can be achieved by a professional carpet cleaner.  They may even cause irreparable damage to your carpets.

Secondly, not all carpet cleaning companies are equal…

Some use cheap solutions and dated machinery purchased on the second hand market, while others invest in the very best equipment and cleaning solutions.

This difference is reflected in the results:

Home Carpet Cleaning Process

But one of the key factors in the effectiveness of professional carpet cleaning is in following a methodical process.

Here’s how we do it:

Our thorough home carpet cleaning process:

1.) Carpet Inspection: We test your carpet fibers to ascertain whether your carpets are man-made or wool /mix. We also identify stains and choose the best method of treatment.

2.) Area Prep: We’ll carefully move large items of furniture and clear the floor ready to vacuum.

3.) Vacuuming: Using a powerful commercial vacuum, we’ll thoroughly remove dry soling in all areas of the carpet.

4.) Spray and Treat Spots: We use a pre-conditioning solution to break down the dirt and soiling. We’ll also treat individual stains and spots with the appropriate chemicals.

5.) Agitation: Using a specialist agitation machine, we work the solution into the carpet fibres, loosening ingrained dirt.

6.) HWE Extraction: Using steam at up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, our powerful machinery extracts soil particles and moisture, avoiding over wetting and the risk of shrinkage!

7.) Post-Inspect and Treat: We inspect the carpet a second time and any stubborn stains receive extra treatment.

8.) Grooming: Your carpets are groomed with a professional grooming brush, lifting the pile. This aids the fast drying process.

9.) Turbo Drying: While we are packing away, a turbo dryer will be turned on to help speed drying (most carpets will be bone dry within an hour or two!)

10.) Final Carpet Inspection: We inspect your carpets again and check you are 100% happy we’ve carried out our service to your satisfaction.


All the above steps are essential to get the best possible carpet cleaning results. 

Corners cut to save time or money will always compromise the final outcome.




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