How To Remove Carpet Stains

How To Remove Carpet Stains: A Helpful Guide To Removing Common Stains

How To Remove Common Stains From Your Carpets

Theres little more infuriating than an unsightly and stubborn stain that spoils the appearance of an otherwise fresh and clean carpet.

Whether it’s a clumsy guest that has spilt a cup of coffee, or you have children and pets that understandably don’t share your pride in your clean carpets and rugs, accidents will inevitably happen.

While it may be tempting to rush to your local shop and pick up the only stain removal brand on the shelf, we’d advise avoiding harsh shop bought stain removers and instead take a few minutes to read this guide on to removing carpet stains.

There are several ways that you can tackle common carpet stains, some more successful than others.

In this guide, you’ll learn what to do when an accident or spillage occurs, and how to treat a stain without causing further damage. These processes will help you treat all manner of stains if you’re not in a position to call a professional carpet cleaning company.

The essential stain treatment process

Before applying any chemical to your carpet, it is important to act fast in order to try and prevent a spillage actually turning into a stain.

Indeed, the faster you act, the more likely that you’ll be in successfully removing a carpet stain.

First, remove any debris with a spoon or spatula, avoiding pressing any mass or debris into the carpet fibres.

Next, carefully dab the actual spillage with a damp cloth or white paper towel. Repeat this process as often as necessary using clean cloths or towels until you have removed all the liquid and there is no more colour transferred onto the cloth.

Lastly, use a use a professional grade stain removal product and spray the stain lightly before continuing to dab the area carefully. Repeat a couple of times until the stain is removed before gently rinsing the area with cool water and dabbing dry.

If this process doesn’t remove the stain completely then we’d normally advise contacting a trusted, local professional carpet cleaning company.

But what if you don’t have a stain removal product to hand and you can’t find a company to carry out an emergency stain removal?

In this instance, you need to treat a stain quickly to prevent it becoming permanent. Here’s how to do it for three common household carpet stains, using some ingredients you’ll likely have in your kitchen cupboard.

Pet stain and odour removal

How To Remove Carpet Stains

Pet stains are some of the most common (and tricky) stains that we tackle during the course of our working week.

If you’re dealing with faeces, it is sensible to wear some gloves while removing any ‘loose’ debris.

With a urine stain, go straight to work dabbing up excess liquid until removed. If possible, it helps enormously to avoid the stain drying out, so do act quickly. If it has started to dry, moisten it with a damp, clean cloth and then dab until you have absorbed the moisture.

To neutralise the stain and odour, you can use white vinegar. Mix 100 ml of vinegar to 1000 ml of clean water and spray on the area of affected carpet. Allow the solution to dwell for five minutes and then dab with a clean cloth.

Again, we recommend rinsing carefully with cool water and repeating the process again if necessary.

Blood stain removal

While blood stains can be very unsightly, they can usually be removed successfully by a professional carpet cleaner.

But how do you treat a blood stain yourself?

The first thing is never to treat a blood stain using hot water. This can cause the blood to coagulate.

Again, you should blot out any excess blood before applying a stain removal solution. In this case, we recommend a mix of baking soda and water to create a paste. Simply spread the paste onto the stain and leave for several minutes before removing the paste with a spoon and vacuuming up the remaining debris.

Once complete, dab away and then proceed to spray the area with a vinegar solution, dabbing once more. It may be a time consuming process, so repeat as often as necessary.

If after an apparent successful removal the blood stain reappears, seek the advice of a professional carpet cleaner.

Coffee stains

Coffee can be a very difficult stain to remove, and one that can ruin the appearance of a carpet.

It is vital to act quickly to blot and absorb the dark liquid to prevent permanent staining. You can once again dab away and then rinse before repeating to dab.

Then use the baking soda paste mix to try and draw out the remaining staining.

In many cases, particularly with wool carpets, you’ll need to contact a professional carpet cleaning company and book a stain removal appointment as soon as possible to provide the best chance of successfully removing a coffee stain – especially if it has dried.


The most important thing with stain removal is to avoid causing further damage.

First, don’t scrub away at a your carpet, causing damage to delicate carpet fibres.

Second, avoid strong shop bought chemicals. And if you insist on using one of the main stain removal brands, please do test it first on a small hidden area of carpet.

Third, if you are not successful in removing a stain, call a local professional carpet cleaning company for advice.

How To Remove Red Wine From Carpet (And Other Spillages)

How To Remove Red Wine From Carpet (And Other Spillages)

Red wine is definitely one of the more common stains we’re asked to remove.

Indeed, a quick glance at the diary reveals we’ve tackled about a dozen in the last month alone (granted, this recent increase is probably a Welsh thing – likely due to increased alcohol consumption during the six nations rugby tournament!)

I digress…

Most commonly, we find a glug of vin rouge puddled on living room carpets and rugs.

Sometimes in bedrooms.

And even in the corners of carpeted closets…

I daren’t ask.

Anyway, let’s picture the scene…

You’re there in your living room, feet up, watching the rugby, a glass of Bordeaux’s finest cradled in your lap.


How To Remove Red Wine From Carpet

Wales score and you leap to your feet and roar with excitement!

And the glass of wine…

All over your new cream carpet.

In a suspended state of shock you watch in slow motion as the wine dances from its glass, painting a devilish purple splodge on your plush new carpet.

So what do you do?

Panic sets in and you reach for the nearest towel and run it under the tap before rubbing and scrubbing vigorously.

Then, when all you’ve done is succeed in slightly lightening the colour of the stain (while spreading it over a larger area of carpet) your sense of panic deepens.

There’s nothing else for it!

You dash to the kitchen cupboard and reach for the “stain remover that shalt not be named” (but there’s 1001 names I’d like to call it).

Before you know it, you’re spraying the stain like you’d hose a raging fire, dousing it with all your might!

But something disconcerting happens…

The stain changes in colour and an angry green border appears, defiantly highlighting the perimeter of the spillage.

The original stain has morphed into something entirely different, and as you scrub away there’s no longer any hint of the red wine being transferred onto the white towel.

No amount of increasingly desperate spraying or scrubbing changes a damn thing.

You’re stuck with it. (Well, maybe not, but we’ll get onto that later).


How You Should Tackle Any Liquid Spillage

The above scenario depicts exactly what you should not do.

The first mistake was to panic and scrub the spillage. The second was to over-wet the stain. And the third was to liberally apply a shop bought stain remover.

But how should you have dealt with it?

If you Google “red wine stain removal” you’ll find all manner of suggestions and remedies.

Some are entirely sensible and err on the side of caution…

Others seem to literally suggest throwing the kitchen sink at the problem.

While many of the “twee” lifestyle type websites seem to require you have a PHD in botanical medicine and chant a mantra while waving a magic wand.

But while you may not be able to remove all traces of the stain yourself (particularly if it’s been lying in the carpet too long) here’s what you should actually do:

  1. Act quickly. At first it’s a spillage, and not yet a stain.
  2. Using a white towel or kitchen roll, press all your weight on the stain, blotting up as much as possible. This may take a few minutes but is worth the patience.
  3. Check to see if much of the stain has been transferred to the towel or kitchen roll and replace with a clean one as often as necessary. Do not be tempted to rub or scrub the stain.
  4. Once no more colour is being transferred, dab a clean towel with a small amount of water and continue blotting the stain for  few minutes.
  5. Now place another clean dry towel over the stain and weigh it down with something reasonably heavy for several hours.
  6. Assess the stain and if any colour remains, call a professional carpet cleaner.

The above process is pretty effective, and at the very least will remove the worst of the stain while causing no further damage to your carpet or making it more difficult (or impossible) for a professional to remove.

As always, if in any doubt, please do give us a call for further advice.

We don’t bite.












7 Carpet Cleaning Secrets (As Used By The Pros)

7 Carpet Cleaning Secrets (As Used By The Pros)

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you’ll probably be aware of the value of regular professional carpet cleaning in prolonging the lifespan of your carpets.

But how do you maintain the appearance and condition of your carpets in between professional cleans? And how do you tackle spillages and stains?

Here’s how we recommend you deal with stains and keep your carpets looking like new.

1. Blot Stains – Don’t Scrub Or Rub

If you need to tackle a spillage, simply blot the spill or stain from the outside-in using a clean cloth or paper towel. Don’t be tempted to scrub or agitate the stain as this can damage the carpet fibres and cause the stain to spread to the surrounding area.

2. Never Use A Shop Bought Stain Remover

Without mentioning any particular brands, we see the damage these products cause every week. Not only are they usually ineffective, they also often cause irreparable  damage to carpets to carpets and fabrics.

If unsure, just use plain cold water, a mild vinegar solution, or ask us for a bottle of our safe professional stain remover. Avoid any stain removal product sold in high street stores and supermarkets.

3. Easily Remove Wax Using Heat

Many of our customers have the odd candle wax spill here and there. And at first attempt, it can appear impossible to remove without pulling a bunch of fibres out with it! But candle wax is usually easily removed by safely applying heat. Simply place a clean cloth over the wax that is embedded into the carpet and place a warm iron on top of the cloth to heat the wax. Then use a blunt knife or similar instrument to scrape off the wax.

4. Vacuum Regularly

It’s just good common sense to vacuum your carpets every few days. Regular vacuuming keeps your carpets looking great, and more importantly, removes the dust and soiling that agitates and degrades the carpet fibres. Adhering to this simple step will add years to the life of your carpets.

5. Invest In Quality Carpet & Fabric Protection

Carpet Cleaning Secrets

Carpet protection such as Scotchgard helps to protect your carpets and upholstery from spills becoming permanent stains and makes them easier to remove. It also helps prevent dry soils from sticking to the carpet fibres and acting as an abrasive. If you’ve invested in high quality carpets, then a good stain protector is worth the small cost.

6. Follow A Proven Safe & Effective Stain Removal Process

Here’s how you can safely deal with many common spills and stains using vinegar and water:

  • Blot up the immediate visible spillage with a clean white cloth or paper towel
  • Continue to blot the stain with dry cloths until as much as possible of the surface stain is removed
  • Then, mix fresh water and white vinegar at a ratio of 4:1
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray over the area a small amount at a time
  • Blot the area to remove excess moisture and repeat by separating and blotting until the stain has been removed
  • Spread kitchen towels over the area and place a weight on top of the towels to absorb and dry
  • Leave for a couple of hours – if there is no transfer of stain onto the paper and no stain is visible, then it has been successfully removed. If any stain remains, call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain

7. Invest In Professional Carpet Cleaning (Every 6 – 18 Months)

If you’re living alone without pets, a thorough deep clean every 18 – 24 months should suffice. But if you have a busy family home then it makes sense to thoroughly cleanse your carpets at least annually (and perhaps every 6 months if you have dogs or cats). The difference this will make to the appearance of your home is enormous.

Leaving it too late to get your carpets cleaned will cause damage to the fibres and can somewhat hinder the results of the clean.

Indeed, experience shows us that our most frequent repeat customers have the best looking carpets and that they last for many years longer!

For a free quotation for carpet cleaning in Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff and throughout South Wales, call us today on 0800 028 2788

6 Christmas Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean & Fresh

Christmas Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean & Fresh

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably going to be having more guests over than usual. And with December being such a wet month here in the UK, your carpets can take quite a beating over the festive period.

Although nothing beats a full professional carpet clean in terms of results, there are a few things you can do to minimize staining and keep your carpets in good condition.

1) Floor mats

There’s always that one guest who will walk straight in your home with muddy shoes. And so it’s worth spending a few pounds on some inside and outside floor mats. Even if you don’t usually use them, they will prevent too much dirt being carried onto your carpets.

2) Shoe racks

Simply putting a cheap shoe rack outside or just inside your front door is an effective prompt for your guests to remove their footwear without even having to ask. The number cause of traffic staining and the quick wear of carpets is walking with shoes on.

3) Seal your carpets and flooring

If you’ve recently had your carpets, upholstery or flooring cleaned, it makes sense to get them stain protected as soon as possible. High quality stain protection means that any spillages will much easier to clean up afterwards and will make your next professional carpet clean so much more effective. This is because any stains will stay at the top of the carpet rather than seeping deep into the fibers.

4) If you have a real Christmas tree, water it frequently!

If you keep your Christmas tree fully hydrated, it will shed fewer needles. Not only does this mean you’ll be cleaning up less frequently, it also prevents the needles embedding into the carpet or being transferred throughout the home – causing abrasion and wear and tear to the carpet fibers.

5) Hoover regularly

You may be able to get away with a quick vacuum once a week the rest of the year, but you won’t at Christmas. And it’s not just about keeping everything looking clean for your guests – it is important to avoid excess grit getting into the base of your carpets and furnishings, causing them to age quicker. A quick vacuum every other day will keep them in good order.

6) Don’t use shop bought stain removers

This is the time of year when popular stain removers see a huge boost in sales.


They don’t usually work very well and in many cases they can completely ruin your carpets or upholstery. They contain harsh chemicals that can “set” stains into the carpet or even cause permanent color damage.

We come across this damage on a daily basis and so we know it is very common. By treating any stain with a shop bought product you will likely reduce the future chance of successful stain removal by a professional carpet cleaner. You’ve been warned…

If you would like to buy a reliable and effective stain remover then please get in touch with us – we stock a great product that carries very minimal risk of any damage.

Finally, have a great Christmas! And if your carpets, hard flooring or sofas need bringing back to life in the new year, don’t hesitate to give us a call!


Recent Carpet Cleaning And Coffee Stain Removal In Bridgend

Hmmm, coffee…

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed french press first thing in the morning to get your day kicked off with a hit of caffeine!

Coffee is one of the most common spillages that we come across in our work. And sometimes, if the stain has been treated incorrectly, it may appear impossible to remove.

But as with most stains, the key is to react quickly as once the coffee has dried, it will prove much more difficult for you to completely remove.

Here’s a photo of a recent large coffee stain removal we completed for one of our carpet cleaning customers in Bridgend:

Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal In Bridgend

If you do want to attempt removing the stain yourself, here’s how to tackle it:

First, dab the stain with an absorbent towel, being careful not to spread the stain or push it deep into the fibers.

Then, using a mix of 50/50 water and white wine vinegar, pour very small amounts of the solution onto the stain (or use a spray bottle) and once again dab carefully to extract the liquid and coffee.

Repeat this process several times until the stain has been removed.

*Be careful not to over-wet your carpet, always making sure the towel absorbs most of the moisture each time*.

Then, place a clean towel over the stain – weigh it down with a heavy book or other such weight and remove after a few hours. Any remnants of the stain should have transferred from the pile to the towel.

In some cases, you may find it impossible to remove coffee stains. DO NOT attempt to use branded stain removers from your local store – they can potentially dye the stain and permanently ‘set’ it.

If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re more than happy to offer free advice over the phone.



3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning At Christmas And What To Do With Messy ‘Guests’

3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning At Christmas, And What To Do With Messy ‘Guests’

Nearly there…

It’s been a manic month so far; early starts, late finishes and last minute weekend bookings come rushing in as the big day gets nearer.

We have 2 vans out on the road working flat out every day throughout South Wales at the moment, so please do get in touch if you’d like to reserve one of our last remaining appointments.

There are two schools of thought with hiring a professional carpet cleaner during the festive period.

Some customers prefer to book before the visitors arrive and get their flooring and upholstery looking beautiful for their guests.

Others wait until friends and family have long since buggered off so they don’t have to worry about the odd shoe trampling dirt through the home or the occasional spillage by a sozzled guest!

Either way, this is one of the busiest times of the year for a professional carpet cleaning company. And if you only have your carpets cleaned once per year, now’s the time to do it.

Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Here are 3 reasons why you need professional carpet cleaning during or after the festive period:

1. Children. Yep, those adorable little home wreckers wreak havoc at this time of year. Presents are ripped open at a lightening speed without a thought to the contents. Drinks and food are cheerfully transported throughout the home by little un’s, with trails of stains left in their wake. It’s going to happen – you can’t avoid it. Prepare for the inevitable and get one of our professional stain removers so that you can follow them around, spraying furiously and removing the evidence!

2. Guests. There are 2 types of guest: The considerate, clean and helpful guest – the one who removes shoes and helps with the washing up. And then there’s the guest who tramps through your home in a pair of deep ridged boots, drinks all your wine, eats all your food and falls asleep on the sofa before vanishing into thin air – but not before leaving a trail of destruction. This particular guest will leave lots of carpet mementos to remember them by. I usually find that ‘accidentally’ spraying them at the same time as the carpet helps them “get” the message.

3. The Dog. If ever there was a time the dog (or cat!) is in their element, it’s Christmas. Lots of new humans to suspiciously sniff. Crumbs and tasty morsels of forbidden food lurking in corners of rooms and under sofas. Extra walks from owners not at work. And cats that lurk teasingly in windows, parading their new shiny, jingling Christmas collar. Woof! But there’s a problem. All those muddy walks, rich food and over excitement often bring a few nasty ‘surprises’. The key is to act fast and treat any pet stains as soon as possible.

Or, alternatively, don’t hesitate to call us on 07530 532208 (just not on Christmas day – sorry!)