How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

Like many other homeowners thinking about getting their carpets cleaned, you’ve probably wondered…”how much does professional carpet cleaning cost?”

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer…

Several factors can influence the cost of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. An obvious one is the size of the rooms being cleaned; it’s logical that a larger room will cost more than a smaller room.

Stain Removal

The number and type of stains can also be a factor (although we don’t think it should be!). Some companies may charge extra for individual stain removal despite having already agreed a price to clean the whole room. (Most companies have a basic call out charge and so it’s often worth having the whole room cleaned if you are already paying for stain removal – it may work out to a similar price!)


Cost of equipment

Another factor that will influence price is the quality of machinery operated by the company (and therefore results!) Part-time operators are generally restricted by a small budget due to not having the large number of customers of a full-time professional company. Therefore, they rarely generate the income necessary to fund and maintain the best equipment and so results are compromised and it must be accounted for in their prices!

Insurance & Training

Does your carpet cleaner have full insurance and recognised industry approved training? The cowboys in the industry invariably need to cut costs in order to keep their prices low enough to secure at least a few jobs per month. And, insurance is often the first expense deemed non essential by unscrupulous companies.

*** If you do receive a surprisingly cheap quote for carpet or upholstery cleaning, make sure to check that the individual or company is fully insured. Otherwise, if your carpets are damaged, you will be footing the bill!!!***

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

But I can rent a rug doctor for £30 and clean my whole house!!!

In theory you could. But not in reality.

If you were to only hire the machine and none of the recommended chemicals, then perhaps it would only cost you about £30-£40 if you shopped around.

But the results attained do not compare to a professional machine and you are risking all sorts of potential problems that would leave you uninsured. And that’s without the costs you’ll incur if the machine breaks down.

Also, once you add the cost of their branded chemicals, the real price becomes apparent and is no longer so appealing…

I covered some of the risks and costs in a recent blog post here.

But I’ve had so many different quotes!!!

Every company will have their own pricing policy and it will often depend on their experience, ability, overheads, quality of machinery and level of business.

If they are an established and respected company, with years of positive results and reviews, then they will most likely be in high demand for their services.

Conversely, a part-time operator who’s hired a rental machine and thrown it in the back of his boot with a handful of cheap chemicals is going to be able to keep his price at rock bottom.

Value for money…

If you’re not being over-charged for fictitious “extras” (cleaning chemicals should be included in your price!) and it represents a significant saving on replacing your carpets then that’s always a good start.

If you then follow this up with a good check of their online reviews and photos, you’re then in a good position to decide whether the prices you’ve been quoted represent good value to you…


If you’d like a free same day quotation for carpet or upholstery cleaning in South Wales, I’m more than happy to talk through any concerns you may have and give you a realistic idea of results: Melissa 07530 532208






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