Carpet Cleaning & Allergens In The Home


In recent years there has been a significant increase in reported allergies.

The symptoms can range from mildly blocked sinuses to swelling and redness of the eyes. Some symptoms of allergies can be very distressing and uncomfortable and some of the major causes can be found in our homes…


You may love them, but your cat or dog can be one of the more obvious causes for that runny or blocked nose you just can’t seem to shake off.

Skin particles (dander) and hair that has not been sufficiently vacuumed can often be problematic.

Dust Mites

Invisible to the naked eye, these scary looking critters are found lurking in carpets, sofas and mattresses; there are between 2 to 3 million that reside in the average mattress!!

Dust mites feed off skin particles and are the cause of many allergies; most asthma sufferers react to them.

How can I reduce allergens and mites in the home?

Control Humidity

Dust mites love high humidity. Open your windows regularly and do not over-heat your home.

Bathing (Quality time with the dog or cat!)

Bathe and groom your pets to reduce dander and improve hygiene.

Bed Linen

Your mattress is the dust mites favourite home. Wash your linen at 60 degrees to kill off the mites!

Professional Cleaning

Regular professional upholstery and carpet cleaning (steam, not dry carpet cleaning!)  will significantly reduce the amount of allergens in your home and alleviate family symptoms.





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