Hydramaster Boxxer 423s Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine

We’ve ordered a Hydramaster Boxxer 423s truckmount carpet cleaning machine!

We’re always looking to improve our service and results.

Whether it’s regularly attending industry training courses and events, or finding better cleaning solutions and techniques, we’re constantly aiming to improve the results we get for our customers.

This approach meant that when I started Edwards Jeffery, I purchased the very best machinery I could afford.

I wanted to hit the ground running and do the job in the right way…

I made sure I was fully insured, professionally trained and – via a bank loan that gave me many sleepless nights – invested in high quality equipment.

Up until now, we’ve been operating the Airflow Storm carpet cleaning machines. They’re fantastic, and they’ve served us very well.

But I was always hankering for a top petrol-powered truckmount machine that would leave me in no doubt that a better result wouldn’t have been possible. And now we’ve got one on the way! (arriving at the end of May).

I spent hours and hours researching truckmounts and I kept coming back to the Hydramaster Boxxer machines. Specifically the Boxxer 328s.

Hydramaster Boxer 423s

Why did we choose this carpet cleaning machine, and why should you care?

Quite simply, the performance and results are incredible.

The Boxxer 423s takes the proven track record of the carpet cleaning industry’s favourite truckmount, the Boxxer 421, to another level.

The reliability and durability are second to none, and the Boxxer 423s provides even more power through its increased engine horsepower. It also minimises noise and offers more consistent heat performance; it can restore everything from the grubbiest old carpet, to the most delicate upholstery fabric, to the grimiest tile or concrete flooring.

All this is is great for us as a business, but what does it mean for you, our customer?

It means you get even better value for money.

After we’ve cleaned, you can be sure you wouldn’t have got a better result elsewhere.

The combination of our thorough cleaning process, years of acquired knowledge, the absolute best machinery, and no little hard graft…mean you’re getting a carpet cleaning service and results that will thrill you whilst saving you money on replacement flooring!

To book your carpet clean with the Hydramaster Boxxer 423s call us now on 07530 532208 or 0800 028 2788

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