A New Rug Cleaning Pit, A Trip To Cornwall, And Refitting Our Hydramaster Machine

A New Rug Cleaning Pit, A Trip To Cornwall, And Refitting Our Hydramaster Carpet Cleaning Machine (At Last!)

Thursday, 6:00 a.m.

September 22, 2016

I’m writing this post at the crack of dawn from our rug cleaning spa in Bridgend – today is the day that the builders commence work building our new rug cleaning pit.

Rug Cleaning Pit

Often, when we’re needing to clean a particularly dusty or urine contaminated rug, the best results are only possible by fully submerging the rug in clean water.

We’ve previously used all manner of temporary constructions using PVC piping and pond lining. They worked very well but were not time efficient as we were always having to re-position and extract surplus water and soil from the lining after cleaning a rug.

So we decided to bite the bullet and have a permanent bespoke rug pit built from scratch with good drainage.

It’ll make all the difference and enable us to increase productivity and improve our rug cleaning turnaround times.

Last Friday Dave made the long trek to see Craig at Carpet Cleaners World in Cornwall to get our Hydramaster Boxxer 423s carpet cleaning machine refitted.

Previous readers may remember we had our van and machine stolen in July. Luckily the van was recovered with our Hydramaster intact (although our Ford Transit was minus its engine and gearbox!)

I was over the moon to finally get our primary machine back up and running.

The last couple of months have been our busiest yet and even though we’re now up to 4 full time technicians, I seem to be starting earlier and finishing later than ever (I’m obviously doing something wrong!)

No day is ever the same in this business and we often find ourselves working on everything from stone flooring, to carpets, upholstery, leather and Oriental rugs all within a 12 hour period.

Here’s a before and after photo from one of our carpet cleans this week:

Anyway, it’s time for me to head out and get to my first job of the day – applying stain protection to a newly delivered suite.

Have you have a great day!

P.S. Huge thanks to Tony Stewart of Adchem Carpet Cleanse for lending us his truckmount machine over the last couple of months, meaning we were still able to run at full capacity.

P.P.S. If you’re a carpet cleaner reading this post, I can’t recommend John and Lynn Kelly at Restormate highly enough. They’re always super helpful and have saved my bacon on many occasions! 



The Summer So Far: A Stolen Van, A New Member Of The Team, Moving To A New Unit, And A Rather Funny Review

The Summer So Far: A Stolen Van, A New Member Of The Team, Moving To A New Unit, And A Rather Funny Review!

What a summer!

A crazy busy last few months has seen us expand, move premises and almost lose our marbles in the process…

We’ve continued to steadily grow our business and acquire new contracts (BIG News coming on that score soon!), and although we’ll always be a niche, specialist cleaning company (carpets, hard flooring, rugs, upholstery and leather) our growth has meant that we needed to employ and train a new cleaning technician and find a larger premises for our rug cleaning operation.

The most difficult task in growing a small business that has been built on great customer service and results, is employing the right staff who will continue to maintain and hopefully improve our standards.

We think we’ve got it bang on the money so far and my team have proved incredibly hard working and capable.


Edwards Jeffery started as a business of just myself as the owner operator. Although this meant that I was able to do everything myself and build the reputation that we now enjoy, the long hours soon caught up and I needed to take the plunge and bring other staff on board.

Today, the business includes myself, David, Adam, and our most recent addition, Jonathan (and at current levels, I’m guessing we’ll be recruiting again very soon…)

Our staff have been key to maintaining our standards and every customer is asked to complete a survey on how they feel we have performed and how happy they are with the results of our services. Every one of our team has been fully trained and the feedback on our customer service levels is never anything less than excellent!

This summer has also seen us move into a new larger premises so that we can fulfil the increased demand for our rug cleaning service (we offer collect, clean and return delivery service throughout South Wales for rugs  – contact us for further details if you’d like a free quotation to clean your rugs).

We really do clean any rug – everything from standard high street polyester shag piles, to valuable Persians.

To this end, we’ve been busy building rug drying racks and a rug pit (with a little help…) in addition to moving all our equipment into the unit.


In somewhat more annoying news…

We recently purchased a Hydramaster Boxxer truckmount carpet cleaning machine that was fitted into one of our vans that was stolen recently. Although the vehicle was found, the engine and gearbox had been ripped out and the van is unfortunately a write-off.

Thankfully, our carpet cleaning machine and equipment was left in the back of the recovered van and so we’re now in the process of sourcing a new van in which to re-fit our much-loved machine!

In the meantime, we’re still running full steam ahead with our 3 other machines and so bookings are not being effected in any way whatsoever!

Another thing we’re going to be doing more of in the coming months is publishing some decent videos of our work (see example above).

Some of these vids will be in a professional format, but others will simply be short snippets of us out and about during the day completing cleans and stain removal work.

I’ll be posting these on our usual social media platforms as well as YouTube.

Finally, we love the positive feedback we get from our customers and our reviews often come out of the blue without us even asking. This was the case for a recent upholstery cleaning customer of ours. I nearly spat out my tea when I first read it…

Anyway, that’s it from us for now.

Have a great summer!