November Roundup: Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning News

November’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning News…

(Plus A Urine Stain Removal Tip… And News Of Our Best Prize Competition To Date!)

It’s been another hectic month for us!

Usually, November can be a little slower before the mad rush in December as our customers get their carpets, floors and furnishings refreshed ready for the inevitable onslaught of xmas visitors!

This month has been our busiest ever and we’re fast filling up the diary for December.

We’ve been working throughout homes and businesses in South Wales in November – everywhere from West Wales right up to the Severn Bridge.

As well as working in some prestigious large hotels, we’ve also been cleaning in some great small local businesses.

Here’s a carpet cleaning job that we completed for a local store in Pontypridd:

carpet and upholstery cleaning news

I’ve been thinking recently about producing some YouTube videos to show how we go about our work.

These videos will also contain tips and tricks to remove common daily spills and stains safely and quickly. They should be genuinely helpful and save any mishaps.

Look out for them on this website and our social media channels in the coming weeks!

Which reminds me: many of the stains we remove can be easily removed with our brilliant professional stain remover. It knocks spots of any shop bought product – in results and safety.

If you’s like to purchase a stain remover in time for Xmas, simply click here. You’re welcome to pick it up from us or get it delivered free.

Carpet and Upholstery Urine Stains

One of the more regular call-outs that we get are for pet urine stains – and there were plenty of them this month!

The most vital thing you can do with a urine stain is to react FAST!

You do not want the stain to set into the fibres and go into the backing of the carpet.

Either call a professional carpet cleaner or, if you’re happy to treat the stain yourself, the following method should work beautifully:

First thing is NOT to spray urine stains with any household or shop bought products!

Blot with kitchen paper and apply a solution of 2 parts water to one part white vinegar.

Pour it onto stain…

Leave for 10-15 minutes and then blot till it is reasonably dry.

Once nearly dry, sprinkle some baking soda onto area and leave for 15 minutes ish and then vacuum area.

This should remove stain and neutralise the odor!

Treating the stain in this way, means you massively reduce the chance of lingering odour or any permanent damage.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

P.S. It’s looking like a crazy December and our appointments will soon run out. If you’re needing your carpets or furnishings restored next month, please let us know asap to avoid disappointment.

P.P.S. We also have one hell of a competition that we’re running in December. Stay tuned as this will be our best giveaway yet. And it will make the most amazing Christmas present for a loved one!!!

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