March News: We’re Recruiting And Expanding Into Bristol (Finally!)

March News: We’re Recruiting And Expanding Into Bristol (Finally!)

Now that our team are operating at full capacity in South Wales, we’re finally offering our upholstery and carpet cleaning service in Bristol.

Whilst we were initially hoping to expand our areas of operation in 2016, having one of our vans and equipment stolen delayed things and we decided it was best to wait until now.

The initial reaction has been fantastic and we’re already underway providing our carpet and upholstery cleaning service in the Bristol area, with tiled floor cleaning soon to follow.

Our recent expansion has meant that during the last few weeks we have also added another van to the fleet in readiness to recruit a new carpet and upholstery cleaning technician.

Recruiting the right staff is vital, and we’re extremely lucky to have technicians that continue to enhance our reputation and that have played such an important part in continuing to grow Edwards Jeffery.

To find out more about our team, and what makes us tick, click here

A Visit From The Carpet Wizzard

During February, we were delighted to welcome Mike Munns from Carpet Wizzard in Fareham.

Mike was kind enough to lend his hand and help us out on a large limestone floor cleaning job.

We first met Mike and Michelle at last years annual TACCA training day and have been following them closely as they continue to grow their carpet, upholstery and floor care business.

If you’re living on the South Coast, they should be your very first port of call for your furnishing and floor cleaning requirements!

A Court Case And Another Example Of “You Get What You Pay For”

During February we also attended court on behalf of a customer who initially chose to use another carpet cleaning company because they were slightly cheaper than us.

Unfortunately, the end result of this was that the lady was left with saturated carpets that reeked of foul bacteria just a couple of weeks before her wedding day.

Although we were able to help remove the odour, her carpets couldn’t be saved and we subsequently attended the court hearing to provide evidence in her favour.

She won, and the offending carpet cleaning company was ordered to pay for her replacement carpets and additional incurred expenses.

This example (and we’re regularly called to rectify damage caused by cheap carpet and upholstery cleaners) again highlights that you should never choose a carpet cleaning company on price.

Some key points:

  • Be sceptical of fictitious , never-ending HALF PRICE cleaning discounts.
  • Always do your research: does the company have recent positive feedback?
  • Ask what equipment they’ll be operating. If it can be rented locally, it’s not of sufficient quality or power to be classed as “professional carpet cleaning.”
  • Ask to see proof of insurance and industry training.

That’s it for now…

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this horrible weather breaks and Spring soon arrives.

It’s been a wet, windy and cold 2017 so far and this job is so much easier when the sun is shining!








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