carpet cleaning

In my hour of need…

Dear Homeowner,


Our love began on the day that you chose me.

You walked through the store, stopped and looked proudly.

You stroked my pile and oohed and aahed!

Coloured beige and priced by the yard.

The pain of my fitting, the gripper and glue!

A now distant memory, I lie fluffy and new.

Regularly vacuumed and walked on with care.

You’d check me for spills, admire and stare.

But as the years passed, I became grubby and stained.

You’d leave on your shoes, the dirt now ingrained.

And in my hour of need, when I needed your care…

I grew dusty and frayed, and worsened by wear.

If only you’d called…but you left it too late!!!

I could have been saved, now resigned to my fate.

Edwards Jeffery were ready, to come to my rescue…

But you dillied and dallied, and pondered the value.

As I land in the skip, you’re full of regret…

With a bill for new carpet, you’d rather forget.



Your old lounge carpet.


P.S.  Here’s the number, again, for Edwards Jeffery: 07530 532208 (I hope you treat your new carpet a little better…)


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