Award Winning, Professional Hard Floor Cleaning London: Marble, Tile, Travertine & Solid Wood Floor Restoration

Welcome to Edwards Jeffery – we’re an independent, award winning business providing professional hard floor cleaning and solid floor restoration in London.

We’re proud to have worked in many prestigious residential and commercial properties in Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Westminster, Richmond upon Thames and Camden.

Our London floor restoration business has been built on the fantastic results we achieve for our clients, along with word of mouth and good old fashioned customer service.

(We’ve even been the recipients of some lovely praise from Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, when working for the BBC!)

We have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of hard and stone floor cleaning and we use the best machinery and products in the industry – no expense spared.

Our work is fully insured and 100% guaranteed – if you’re not happy we’ve completed your work to the best of our abilities, we will do so again completely free of charge.

Hard Floor Cleaning London

Quality solid flooring is an expensive investment that should be the proud centerpiece of your home.

When your hard flooring is cared for carefully and professionally maintained, it can last a lifetime and adds considerable value to your home.

With knowledge acquired over many years and the very best equipment, an experienced professional hard floor cleaning company can often restore your flooring to its original, new condition (and that’s always our primary goal at the start of any of our projects…)

Our hard floor and tile cleaning process:

Our methods do sometimes differ depending on the construction of your flooring, but the following steps represent one possible approach to a solid floor cleaning project.

Step 1: After careful inspection and testing, we apply safe, premium chemicals to individual sections of your flooring and leave to dwell into the grouting and tiles.

Step 2: We then agitate the tiles and grout with a powerful rotary machine that removes ingrained soiling and grime.

Step 3: The slurry that has been created is then thoroughly removed with a wet and dry vacuum (we repeat the above process as many times as necessary until your floor is stripped and cleaned to our exacting standards.

Step 4: Any pre-existing tile damage (stubborn staining or patchy, dull tiles) is remedied by disrupting the surface of the tiles with a premium honing powder.

Step 5: We then remove the honing powder using fresh, clean water and the suction from our wet and dry vacuum (repeating the process as many times as necessary).

Step 6: A gentle, protective sealant is applied to your floor, before using a polishing powder to create your desired finish (if a polish is indeed required).

The results achieved can be superb – not to mention very cost-effective.

A fully sanded and lovingly oiled wooden floor, or a carefully stripped, cleaned and protected natural stone floor, is a beautiful feature of any proud home.

But it is vital that such flooring is cleaned and maintained in the most suitable manner (always avoid cheap, harsh, shop bought cleaning products and hire a hard floor cleaning specialist rather than a general cleaning company).

We’re always updating and improving our knowledge and methods by attending training events and courses. Our aim is to always get the very best possible results for our customers.


We clean, restore and maintain marble, travertine, limestone, Victorian and terracotta tiles, along with natural woods and all other types of hard flooring in London.

Indeed, we work all over the country providing providing our craftsmanship in some of the UK’s most prestigious homes and hotels.

If you’d you’d like a free quotation or a friendly chat about your hard floor cleaning requirements in London, please do give us a call on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208 or email us here.

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