January SALE!!!

January Sale – Up to 50% OFF!!

Start the New Year with a beautifully clean, fresh and healthy home!

With the Christmas break all but over, visitors and family departed, and the children back in school, we are offering you the chance to grab any or all of the following special price offers.

These deals will not be available after January, so call now whilst we still have appointments available!!

Carpet Cleaning

Book 3 rooms of carpet cleaning and only pay for 2.

Upholstery & Leather

Get Half Price Carpet Cleaning When you book our unbeatable upholstery or leather cleaning service.

Rugs: 2 Rugs Expertly Cleaned for The Price of 1

Book your rug in for our convenient collection and delivery service and get an extra (smallest) rug cleaned FREE

Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protection

For January only, we are offering 50% OFF Scotchgard Protection when you book any of our services. Professional high quality protectors help avoid future permanent stains and prolong the lifespan of your furnishings.


To book a free quotation, simply call us today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas…

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us throughout 2013. 

We are a small family run business and every booking means a great deal…

All your feedback has been very much appreciated and makes all the long days (and nights & weekends!) worthwhile.

It’s finally time to put the feet up after an exhausting few weeks and wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Melissa X



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Edwards Jeffery Carpet Cleaning Christmas SALE!

Edwards Jeffery Carpet Cleaning Christmas SALE!

Wow your visitors and family with a beautifully clean and fresh home!

Take advantage today of our Christmas Special Offers whilst there is still availability!

Valid December and January only.

Choose from…

Carpets: 3 Rooms For The Price of 2…

Book 3 rooms of carpet cleaning and only pay for 2.

Upholstery: Half Price…

Get Half Price Carpet Cleaning When you book our unbeatable upholstery or leather cleaning service

Rugs: 2 Rugs Expertly Cleaned for The Price of 1

Book your rug in for our convenient collection and delivery service and get an extra rug cleaned FREE


Fully Insured, 100% Guaranteed Results

Whether it is transforming your living room ready for the big day, or making sure your bedroom carpets are beautifully clean for your family and visitors, we have the expertise and knowledge to transform your carpets, rugs, upholstery and leather.

Beautifully Clean, Fresh & Dry

Our method leaves you with beautifully clean, fresh and dry carpets and we offer you a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind. We even leave you with a free bottle of our fantastic stain remover to remove any future spills and stains!

If We Can’t Get Your Carpets and Upholstery Looking Like New, Then Nobody Can!

Our methods are safe, brilliantly effective and prolong the life of your soft furnishings.

We treat your home with the respect it deserves. We carefully move and replace furniture as needed, so you can put your feet up whilst we do all the hard work!

We are offering these special deals for December and January only! Please hurry to book your FREE quotation.

Call Melissa today on 0800 028 2788 or 07530 532208

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Quality Carpet Cleaners in Cardiff

In this new digital world, we are bombarded with headlines, offers and special deals via the internet that seem to be too good to be true. In the carpet cleaning industry, this is often the case…

There are some genuinely great special offers that reputable carpet cleaning companies will offer their customers; offers that benefit both the the homeowner and the business.

A good example is the ‘free room’ offer that is available if the customer has a minimum number of rooms cleaned (providing the business hasn’t temporarily inflated prices in order to compensate for your ‘free room’ of carpet cleaning…!)

Another common special offer is to advertise a basic price for a full home: 2 Bed House From Only £60…


There are many issues with an offer such as this…

– How many carpets does this deal actually include?

– Is the price fully inclusive of 2 large bedrooms, at least 1 lounge / diner and hall, stairs and landing?

– Does it include pre-vacuuming, mechanical agitation and steam extraction with a machine of the required standard?

– Is the technician capable and trained in advanced stain removal?

– Will your furniture be carefully moved and replaced?

– Will excess moisture be removed from the carpets so that you can walk on them?

– Are you going to get the best results possible!?


If you are actually offered all the above work for £60, I would suggest checking the quality of machines and products that the business is using!


Value for Money

The current availability of supermarket rental machines and similar under-powered equipment, has meant that many have been able to enter the industry with little to no training and a small budget.

Advanced, professional carpet cleaning machines are NOT cheap… Some machines can cost in the region of £15,000-£20,000!!!

If you factor in the cost of buying such quality equipment and products, attaining the recognised industry qualifications, annual and staff training, and having full insurance, it is easy to see that there may be a reason for such a cheap offer…

Usually, the job will be carried out with equipment that is simply not up to the job! At best, the results will not be what they could be. At worst, you may be left with damaged, shrunk carpets, uncovered by insurance…

Quality carpet and upholstery cleaning needn’t cost the earth…

But neither should it be relegated to a service that is differentiated merely by price.

Carried out with the best professional equipment, it is safe and effective and actually saves you a small fortune in replacing your carpets.


For quality, fully insured carpet cleaners in Cardiff and throughout South Wales, call Edwards Jeffery today on 0800 028 2788 / 07530 532208.









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Halloween Stain Busting Tip

Hope you all have a frightfully good night. We can often be busy in the days that follow Halloween. The parties and rituals often result in spills and stains.

One of the most common is candle wax.


Here’s how you remove it…

Don’t try and remove hot wax. You’ll either burn yourself or make the problem worse. Probably both!

Just leave it and take care of it the next day.

Take a blunt knife or spatula and slide it under the mass and remove the prominent wax.

Then put a couple of paper towels on top of the stubborn wax and using an iron, carefully iron the spot.

The wax will stick to the cloth and should completely remove all traces.

Hope this helps!


Happy Halloween,




Upholstery Cleaning Tips

It is important to know how to care for your upholstery if you want it to last longer and avoid permanent stains. Here are some tips for caring for your fabric upholstery (leather and suede will differ).


  • Time is of the essence. Deal with any spills immediately! the first thing is to blot the stain (don’t rub or scrub!) to remove as much as possible and stop it from setting in a larger area.
  • Turn cushions regularly
  • Avoid exposing your upholstery to direct sunlight to avoid discolouration
  • Do not leave printed items on your upholstery as this can often lead to dye transfer
  • Regularly vacuum your upholstery and don’t forget to include…
  • The cushion
  • The arm rests
  • The base of the sofa


Regular Professional Upholstery Cleaning

It is recommended that upholstery is professionally cleaned every 12-18 months in order to retain its colour and appearance and delay the wearing process.

Upholstery fabrics can vary greatly and can be dyed with different colours. If you are in any doubt of how best to remove a fresh spill, then please feel free to give me a call; I’m more than happy to give you FREE stain removal advice over the phone!


Kind Regards,

Melissa (07530 532208)